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  1. hope you have some good catches on that rod! welcome to the club and dont be afraid to ask questions, thats how one learns!
  2. Trying to debate on what I want it to say
  3. I'll see you there! I should be getting there Friday early
  4. I'll check how my work schedule is but I plan on helping out both days and get my lines wet
  5. From the album: Baits!

    Using all Wacker Bait Products
  6. I use alot of their stuff. Pauls the bees knees if you ask me!
  7. that last picture has to be the best by far ever taken!!!! (wonder whos it could be lol)
  8. Its true! The only one we didn't catch on was wild whiskey but also didn't even get.a sniff on that rod all day... So can't say it was tne bait sincem we didn't get anything on it even with the baits that caught for us lol
  9. Here a swim at a lake 10minutes from my house. It has yet to produce me a carp but I watch alot of action from them.
  10. Thank you andy for the bait. Caught most the fish on the first day of atc with wild peach
  11. I got mine as well. the sweetfire smells like something I would eat
  12. Hey john, I'm free this weekend if you would like to get together and do some fishing

    1. ChicagoCarpAngler


      I dont see your message and thats Feb. 15th! A month ago! I am sorry to miss your message. I fish during the week most of the time. We can fish together soon!

  13. Put me down for one of each. just sent my donation of $30.00 for one of each!!!
  14. Recieved and cant wait to try them out!
  15. Taken today. My son wanted nothing to do with touching it
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