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  1. Stephen is clearly world class ! We need to torture all our CAG members to be sure they send some business his way. lol
  2. Thanks so much ! I sent you a PM requesting a bit of info so I get the gift cert set up and get a package out to you.
  3. WOOOOOHOOOOOO! You rock sir! Thanks so much for stepping up. And I agree, Stephen is a super guy. Sorry, but the add-ons stay. A girl must keep her word !
  4. You are bidding on a 50.00 gift cert from New World Carp graciously donated by Stephen. For a smaller vendor, this guy kills himself to support CAG. Bidding will start at 15.00. Bidding ends MONDAY MARCH 21ST at 8PM EST as I will be off chasing carp out of town beginning Friday morning at zero dark thirty. Should the gift cert reach 50.00 (yes it happened last time thanks to the mighty Goosebuster), I will throw in some additional goodies to make it more than worth your hard earned money. Thanks for looking and thanks again to Stephen at New Wrold Carp for his continuing generosity.
  5. Where are you guys getting these numbers ? lol OK, I'll play...... 149.95
  6. A huge thanks to everyone for bidding to support CAG. Gary, a huge thanks for sticking with it to become the winning bidder. I received your address and will get you package together today !
  7. Rod, I tip my hat to you for stepping up to help CAG. You inspired me to jump in. I'm thinking that we should use it as a travelling trophy for a OH vs TN vs GA Carp Smackdown. We'll figure out something. Look forward to seeing you this spring.
  8. This is an incredible deal. I have a couple of these rods. They caught hundreds of fish both salt and fresh water. I fished one to total failure after 7 years. Called Cabelas. They explained that I was waaaaaaaaaaaay past warranty HOWEVER, they noted that the rod should not have failed and replaced for just the cost of shipping! If I could only have a single rod to fish multiple species, it would be a Predator.
  9. As we say in Tennesse, Y'all rock !!! Since you guys stepped up, I'll step up. in addition to a bits and bobs package, I will add a pair of Matrix stainless steel snag ears. For those that don't know, these are the ultimate in tartiness. Don't believe me ? Walk up to Kev Abbott and show him these. He will yank off his Batman underoos and fling them at your feet. I'll post up a pic so that those that feel the need can drool.
  10. Rod, I am not so sure. If you were to cut yourself short, I am concerned that Nash would come out with 37 new items and you'd be forced to hock it, along with the neighbors dog. It would be the only way you could remain the only person in North America that has one of everything that Nash has ever produced.
  11. Alright. Out of respect for all that Horace and Max have done for CAG and carp fishing....... 150.00 Bring it ladies !
  12. Woohoo !Thanks for the bids and keep 'em coming. If we can get to 50.00, I have a very nice bonus package of bits,bobs and end tackle.
  13. TO CLARIFY, this bid is for one (1) 50.00 gift certificate. The second certificate is a seperate bid item. I will correct original post to avoid confusion. ANd thanks for the bids guys !
  14. Since CAG is a little thin on cash, I elected to donate my $50.00 New World Carp gift certificate won from the 2011 FFF. I have spoken with Stephen at NWC in order to obtain permission to do this. Winning bidder will receive an email with a code to use the $50.00 gift certificate. Bidding will end Friday 2/11/11 at 8PM EST. Should the bid hit or exceed 50.00, the winning bidder will receive an extremely generous bits and bobs package from me consisting of hooks, weights, and anything else I can find that might help you land that elusive stinkin monster ! Yes, I will pay shipping. So we'll start the bidding at 20.00.
  15. I still have mine from the Toks giveaway. I'll try and give it a soak this weekend. Heck of a carp !
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