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  1. That's very nice of you Gilbert... Debbie(his wife)it's not going to be very happy..lol
  2. Also to add to the sponsors table of goodies, well bring a few of our hooked on autism carp tournament T-shirt from this year.
  3. I think in past as the winners in each category are called up to get their trophies, at that time they get one pick off the table of goodies, their choice. Then the remaining goods go to raffles, door prizes(if available).
  4. I'll take the buckle...and the NACC trophy. Don't need the selfie(yet)as I already have two of them.
  5. I'm going to have to stay out this one....the couch isn't that comfortable. I kinda like the ideal of the "Mag7". I want my 3rd NACC title ? or atleast that damn belt buckle...lol
  6. Me and Denice just registered Bill, looking forward too it!
  7. The sponsor list keeps growing! Thanks to Jerome Moisand for his $50 gift card to Wacker Baits. Thanks Jerome!
  8. Adding Crew Carwash to the list of sponsors. Thanks Crew!
  9. Adding Dave Ash to the list of sponsors. An all Paid chartered salmon trip or a carp session for the weekend. All you would need is a fishing license and cloths. Thx Dave!
  10. Thank for posting this Bob! We raised $977.00 last year on our first one. Hoping to double it this year.
  11. Sponsors so far.... •Westside Bait-n-Tackle •World Classic Baits •Jug Buster flavors •Carpoholic anonymous magazine •Brian Wingard •Lee Young •Scott Ferguson •Gilbert Huxley Rods •Wild carp companies •Fish Fighters •Marukyu Baits •Bradley carp baits •Billy DeHaven Indy Lakes
  12. Event T-shirts will be available once again. The logo on the flyer will be the t-shirt design. Printed on a yellow shirt so the carp and yellow puzzle pieces will be the shirt color.
  13. 2nd annual Autism Carp Tournament This year in Indiana we are having our 2nd annual "Hooked on autism carp tournament" to help spread the word on autisum. The tournament will be on August 8th, from 8:00am to 4:00pm. This will be held at Lake Monroe in the Fairfax Area in Bloomington, Indiana. All proceeds will go to the awareness of autism. Anglers entry fees, raffles, food, event T-shirts all will be apart of the money raised for the cause. We will be awarding prizes for biggest carp, smallest carp, biggest mirror and top three total weights. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!
  14. Looking forward too it!
  15. Looking forward too it! It only took 2 years to be a part of it.
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