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  1. Awesome post Chad, enjoyed reading it & it was good to see you guys again!!
  2. Matt's right, tourney fishing isn't for everyone and it isn't cheap either.. For me the the months of planning, research, preperation, the intensity and excitement of the event itself makes pleasure fishing seem really mundane in comparisome.. to the point where I almost have no interest to go and scratch around locally for a few fish once in a while... but that's me, it's how I feel I'm not preaching anything, it's just what gets my juices flowing. Tax wise, I too, deduct tackle bought through the year, together with everything spent on a trip, it helps take the sting out of it all, it also h
  3. It was a great event and very well ran, the pegging - a tremendously difficult task - was also well thought out and pretty fair, there's always going to be mix of good, fair, bad pegs ... that's just how it is, it's the way any river or lake is at any given time. It was very sad to see the USA hosting the event and having the poor attendance that it did. Where was everybody? More teams show up to b'ville each year .. I don't get it. Every year a world championship is on in Europe, we either don't represent at all or maybe a team or two will go. We cannot begin to critisize Europe for a bad tur
  4. Wish you were going too Kent, haven't seen you in a long while, this is your kind of fishing too.
  5. this is it, last day to sort tackle, better get busy!!!
  6. Hope you told your new partner to bring ear plugs Tom, poor chap doesn't know what he's in for does he .. lol On the titty bar note, I'm looking forward to having breakfast again with the bulldykes in madrid. ; )
  7. Looking forward to being back at the enchanting riverview, seeing old friends and meeting new.. and of course drinking lots o beer in the parking lot. Safe trip everyone, see ya there. : )
  8. John, as always your stuff is very entertaining, good job and thanks! glad you guys too are hooked on b'ville cus there's really nothing quite like it, it's made a place in my heart for sure.
  9. Good Job on the write ups John, You and Joel both were a great laugh and gave it a 100% as always, thanks for everything..
  10. Thanks again all, we won the 3 spots but missed other hourly spots during the day by small margins, this format was a lot of fun!
  11. hey thanks for the happy birthday wishes!!

    best regards!!

  12. Happy Birthday Colin.

    Hope to see you soon somewhere. Good luck this year.

  13. Great looking fish Rick, congrats on a awesome session..
  14. Awesome write up John, parts 1 & 2 were entertaining & good easy reading, thanks for sharing. Was great to see you & all again, I too am looking forward to going back to Midway, I'm not going to wait till next year though!
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