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  1. Zach is fishing the ATC? say it aint so
  2. wow is that an Eddie Flores I see
  3. Mitch, name is steve and carp fishing is mt game, I am an old fart of 48 myself and would love to share the bank with you m8, send me a message and lets toss a few back and catch some fish
  4. now that I think about it yes there is ample space for 10 or more anglers, just not much area for camping.
  5. when we were there our main concern was a place to camp but if I recall there was ample fishing spots available, let me talk to Joe and see if he recalls the area we fished at.
  6. There have been so many fish-ins and get togethers at Emma so lets hit a place not fished much, Sandlin has a decent population of commons and buffalo up to 82 lbs, I really think it is worth a shot. Joe and I were there and caught commons up to 17lbs, I really think there are many 20s to be caught, maybe 30s, who knows
  7. My apologies if what I said offended anybody.
  8. Not saying resistance has bad service, just trying to find a possible link somewhere
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