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  1. My apologies if what I said offended anybody.
  2. Not saying resistance has bad service, just trying to find a possible link somewhere
  3. Anybody else who got taken order from them?
  4. I am still waiting for my refund
  5. my friend joe got hit as well, seems many CAG members are involved
  6. yeah my card got hit a little over a week ago by someone in the UK, it was some dating site they joined 4 charges for 49.99 each, 2 went through before my bank stopped it, I thought maybe a tackle shop got hacked but I dont use that carp for tackle purchases, I do it for here though, hmmm
  7. I will take 1 wild wiskey and one peach if possible one of the special baits from fridays peg draw let me know if the last one is possible so I can do the paypal
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