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  1. Austin,Brendan, Carl & Alex, fantastic filming lad,s of four dedicated carp Anglers and a friendship that will last for years to come! Thanks for posting Jerome......
  2. You are in a good place where you are, when I can, I will go to Decatur and fish the TN river or fish at Ditto,s Landing on highway 231 or Guntersville Lake, Weiss Lake, Gadsden, lots of places, you just need to explore the area for a day or two and you should be able to find a good place.
  3. Everybody has there own way of preparing corn! I am just meticulous when it comes to preparing seeds and pulses that fish will eat (safety factor), the reason for soaking and absorbing liquid in my two favorites (corn & chick peas) before the boil is, I want as much flavor to be soaked up as possible in my initial preparation and when they start to take on the re-hydration stage, usually I will leave the corn in a sealed container for maybe a few weeks so it will start the fermenting process and it will get the added flavours, sugars plus the liquor smell, which is also a good carp attract
  4. Don't bother with frozen corn, most of that stuff will float, go to your local feed store or academy, walmart, get some cleaned deer corn, put it in a 5gal bucket about half way then top up with water, at this stage add flavouring, put the lid on and leave to soak up the water for about 12hr, after the corn has swollen fully take out of the bucket and boil for about 20 to 30minutes, then chum away......
  5. It's a Koi or a gold fish, the gene pool at that particular lake can grow some real insane looking fish, nice fish Dave!
  6. The only time I have seen this happen to a rod spigot, is when an angler was casting from underneath a tree with a 2oz lead and caught his top section on a tree limb, the foward motion force and the arc of the rod under load caused the spigot to snap. I myself have qty-3, 12ft 3lb/tc Fox warrior rods and have had them for more than 5 years and literally have put them through the test of carp fishing and have never let me down whatsoever, I can only say that there may of been an underlying issue, maybe a hairline Crack that was not visible within the material!
  7. two days to go Alabama / Georgia State Line......................

  8. Welcome to CAG..........................
  9. 1 week to go Alabama / Georgia state line!!!!!!!!!

  10. Welcome to CAG Brian!! great information on here regarding methods and places to fish.
  11. 2 weeks to go, Alabama / Georgia state line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 3 weeks to go, Alabama / Georgia state line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Great fish and wildlife pics, well done...............
  14. Very nice looking Mirror's lad's, keep catching........................
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