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  1. Thanks for all the great fish ins and Yankee Challenges Iain. Hopefully we enjoy many more successful fishing trips together.
  2. During the update we all lost some of our post numbers. Which changes your status no big deal if you stay active.
  3. Or all of this (mud) got him to step up. I have email BCT three times and got responses in hrs vs two of my fishing buddies not getting responses from Carp Kit for months. People sharing there experience help us all make smarter choices.
  4. Don't settle for a prorate is was still under warranty and should be covered 100%
  5. I have heard a few stories like this now I highly recommend BCT
  6. Great articles and so cool to see some of my pictures made it in.
  7. Great choice I have fished along side Rob many times and he will be a great State Chair
  8. Great choice Dave is a great guy.
  9. Wow super fast shipping and the new shirts and sweatshirt are perfect great color choice I am thrilled.
  10. Order in thanks Barry we asked and you delivered.
  11. Nice thank you
  12. Cag sweatshirt would be great.
  13. Congrats hoping for a CAG sweatshirt in store
  14. Works great so many great articles. There are so many of us fishing that same spot in MA i just stumbled across it exploring with my son.
  15. I would love to get a hoodie I think they only gave them to state chairs not for sale
  16. Front Only but there nice shirts
  17. Got the package today thanks
  18. How long until orders ship made one on Aug 26th have not heard back yet
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