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  1. Bob, Thanks very much for getting back to me. i've got a call in to Lizziemae .. hoping for a distributor nearby. Luke, I'll check out Southern States too. Thanks very much. Best, James
  2. Hello there. Looks like I missed this one ... How was the fish in? I took a couple of looks at Mercer Lake this past weekend but no signs of carp and no-one fishing (without a lure).
  3. I am hoping to locate a local supplier for a 25lb or 50lb sack so I can get a good price per lb and also avoid shipping but it is good to have this as an option. Thanks very much! James
  4. Hello there, I live in Central NJ and am looking for a source (local or mail order) for particle baits; in particular maple peas and hemp seed. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! James
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