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  1. Sounds interesting. Pending the date, I will fish
  2. That's exactly what I'm hoping for. Straight down. All day. ?
  3. Just remember Willem, We all appreciate your efforts!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  4. LOL. Btw Willem, I truly believe all of your efforts are greatly appreciated by all
  5. +1. Great job, Frank!!! Thank you!!!!
  6. LOL, Larry. If Jerome is settling for second, guess you are ok with third?
  7. I am assuming that paid for shirts will be available for pick-up at the CCC. Correct?
  8. LOL, Frank. You must understand. Dead fish equals 0 dollars. Dead people equals big dollars. I have yet to find a policy that pays out on losses resulting from dead fish. Jokes aside, rescheduling was the right thing to do. Both from the Osteichthyes and the Homo Saipan standpoint. Looking forward to a beautiful Saturday with peg draw temps ~60 and a high of ~80. A much needed break in this heat for both man and fish
  9. LOL, Larry.... Not that I doubt you ability to close a deal, but 20% would require quite a ROI. Maybe we should just consider pulling lines for a while and heading to the the car for some AC, iced coffee, and a couple of smokes. in all seriousness, if the forecast holds this will be a tough day. I encourage everyone to be prepared with sufficient food, water, plus the ability to create shade provided that their peg does not come with a tree or two.
  10. 10-4 Larry!!! Got to love July. Just promise me....... That When I stroke out, that you will sell my stuff at a profit and give the cash to my kids. Less 15% brokerage fee
  11. Hello Frank. I have confirmed that I will be unable to arrive in time on August 5th to fish. See you at the evening social in Kewaunee.
  12. Hello Frank. Would love to fish on Friday. However, I'm in the same boat as Larry. I will certainly be there on the 5th. But need to finagle work schedule on Thursday if I'm to be there Friday morning. I'm way more adept at pulling in at 2:30 am than pulling out at 2:30 am. The best I can do is say I need a couple of weeks to sort this out.
  13. chris reitan

    2016 CCC

    Very nice, Larry!!! i will be at the CCC.
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