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  1. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother,Ak.
  2. Could the fish have been foul hooked?
  3. I don't care who you are or what hook you use,the occasional hook pull is inevitable.That being said, some hooks are more prone to dropping fish than others.There is a few more factors to consider as well, such as hook size/hair length to fish size,fixed or running lead,a lot of the lighter wired hooks tend to have a flex about them,the heavier gage hooks don't want to pierce and hold as well,etc,etc.As others have said, use whatever you have confidence in and you'll do fine!
  4. I was aware of this rule.However, I thought it was lifted or completely disregarded?I remember all the BS that went down between the 'sports' when they imposed it.....Doesn't matter,Believe they managed to kill the biggest known carp in the lake anyway?
  5. I don't think you'll ever see a size limit applied to the common carp....A numbers limit is about the best you're gonna get and some states already have a number set...
  6. While I think it is odd as well that an expensive set of alarms shows up in FL,it's probably legit. I have seen a number of carpy things,from rods to pods turn up for sale on surf fishing forums and ebay from places like FL and even Puerto Rico.Heck,10yrs ago anything carpy in or out of Mexico would have been suspect with me,but look at that scene now.(though we knew there were carp in Mexico,no one knew to what extent before Mario came along,lol.)
  7. Stick to the bread.Continue to toss the bread out on top,may take awhile (days) before they'll take it but they will in time.These fish can be difficult to entice with regular carp baits on 'new' waters. Ditch the tomatoes,they've caught the odd grasser but nowhere near as effective as white bread for these fish.Once they are on the bread,it's possible to catch every grasser in the pond in a relatively short amount of time.Also,grass carp tend to respond well to baits with a heavy molasses content.
  8. Pymatunning on the OH/PA boarder is the same as you describe.
  9. I was always under the impression that Mead is full of smaller,stunted carp? Not really been known for it's big fish but it has been suggested that there are some lurking in the depths.Lake Powell,not too far away,is known to house some proper ones. Speaking of Lake Mead.Do they still hold that big match fishing event over there?I don't keep up on it, but remember about 10-12yrs ago there being a big event held there?
  10. Speaks volumes about the adaptability and hardiness of the carp...Not many temperate species that could endure the constantly high temperatures and level of abuse...Good read...Would like to see more from down in those parts.South America is one of the last frontiers in carp fishing,more than likely some real giants to be discovered in the southern regions of the continent.
  11. The pigment of goldfish can do some crazy things.Some fish won't develop their ornamental coloring for a considerable time.They can also start out one color and end up another. It also seems that the carp/goldfish hybrids come in a number of shapes and colors.I haven't encountered to many of these long,slender hybrids with the only apparent differentiating feature from that of a common carp is the lack of barbels.I'm more familiar with the hybrids that are more 'crucian' in shape and coloring.
  12. Just buy the isotopes or a quality set of illuminated indicators and be done with it.You can get them relatively cheap if you shop around...Only other option I found to satisfy was doing as Baitbucket mentioned and using the mini glow sticks.The trouble is finding a set of indicators that will fit them or finding a way to fit it to the indicator.If you can find a way to fit them in or to an acrylic indicator head,they glow like nobodies buisness!You can buy them in bulk online (fairly cheap) in a number of colors and they'll give you about 48hrs worth of glow if they're good.Be about the illu
  13. payara


    Lead was a major issue with the sale of a local private water a few years back.The state (who eventually bought it) declined to purchase it until the lake had been dredged to remove the lead shot from several decades of trap shooting/duck hunting.The accumulation of lead in the lake didn't appear to have an impact whatsoever on the fish.Was and still is a very decent fishery.Personally,I don't really see a problem with dropping leads.I've done it on occasion.I can't see a lead here or there causing much damage to an ecosystem.It has a time and a place.Far worse makes its way into our water/s.
  14. Nice fishes,Ak!...Lemon fins are one of my favorite barbs...Any leptobarbus or hampala where you're fishing?
  15. I will buy one at some point.Its the only way to go in the long run if you ask me.You can even make sausages with some of them,if they have the proper attachments!
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