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  1. that IS a serious deal.you wont find anything like that any place else thats for sure.when i first started upgrading to English tackle,did so over a period of time rods,reels,then pod,ect and it was ALL cheap stuff but if i was to have purchased it all at once it would have cost a good $400-$450 just for a basic 2 rod and full pod set up.you guys should grab one or three for your kids while you can.
  2. Karl, i spent a good deal of the CCC talking to Alex about getting one. but he says he wont sell me one because they retail for too much. one day maybe,lol.
  3. nothng wrong with the Royal tackle being affordable for people,ect,ect. i wish Alex would decide to get a healthy stock of tackle from Amiuad Peche, CarpSounder,ect that would be awsome.maybe after things really get going for him.
  4. those Supercast pips are excelent baits.i have always had good results on the all the SA baits that Paul has sold.
  5. i have been fishing the peanut micros the last 2 months and have been doing well with them.they have captured my biggest fish this year.iam not too fond of the regular boilies,at least in fruit flavor.the fish just wont take them for me when i have tried them. <_<
  6. while i was fishing with Alex he made it clear to me that to be a tester/team member you had to catch rakes of BIG carp to stay on the team. asked what big was and he said nothing smaller than 30lbs.he wants pics of big carps caught on Royal baits dosent matter what species to him either(which is pretty cool) he takes buffs,grassers,carp.even catfish.but must be BIG. iam curious to how many 30+ lbers have been captured buy the entire team this year so far?
  7. Keith- any idea when Alex will be selling the pods,umbrellas, bed chairs,ect?
  8. hey,lets see some pics of these salmons when you get some.
  9. yes, would like to know whats up with the rods as well
  10. centerpin,kind of like fly reel ,no? never handled one before.
  11. i'll be putting in an order before the end of the week i can't wait to read this book.
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