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Results from the27th Annual Montgomery Carp Derby


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Well alot changed this year.....kind of last minute

The first as many people knew was that the cash prizes had been eliminated by the city which had donated them in the past. They had planed to shut down the whole event but randy from Troop #61 convinced the board that shutting a 27 year running event was a mistake even with the Montgomery Festival going $7,000.00 over last years budget and the low turn out with last years heat and low water......they couldn't justify the spending So instead they had trophys made up.

The second was that the BoyScout Troop had no members!!! They All have grown up.....so the money raised was being donated to a Boys and Girls Club in the area.........

The third and the strangest ........Not one Choine Brother, Chione sister or friend of a Choine (a dominating force at that venue) Fished the event......and if you think that was odd....Not One CAG member either...........It was strange and very civil (LOL)

Alot of local regulars and a huge amount of new anglers were waiting at 5:30 to sign up,. 58 total (up almost 20 from last year!) With the mood split even on disappointment about no cash and happy about new trophys. It was aslower bite with good fish.......Most anglers showed with aerated bins and their own keep sacks, that was kind of cool to see. Fish came in all day. And alot of old faces fished with their kids and grandkids. And they were teaching the kids catch and release too!!!

The seven trophys showed up mid event......turns out one of the trustees has a shop......and he cut the city a deal.......they were spectacular with really nice engraving......the Champions troghy was over 3' tall and dwarfed the winners 1yr old he was holding when he accepted the trophy on stage......Yeah Stage! Feeling bad about the they did it up grand.......There were bands back to back with about 1200 watching and they stopped the bands and had the awards ceramony on the big stage .....it was pretty cool for the winners and a little un-nerving to be in front of that many focused people. I'll admit it was really nice and heart felt.

Anyway.....on to the results.....

2013 Montgomery Carp Derby Champion

Sebastian Neiderberger 11-2

1st Place Adult

Shawn McFall 10-15

1st Runner Up Adult

Ted Wagner 10-0

2nd Runner Up Adult

Billy Czenk 9-9

1st Place 15 and Under

Dayna Olson 9-13

2nd Place 15 and Under

Brianna Duran 7-11

3rd Place 15 and Under

Austin Martin 6-5

Pics to come!

Congrats to all the Winners and see you all in two Weeks at Dixon!!!

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