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  1. The Emma Lake camp out sounds so good - excellent weather!  Another reason choosing Texas over Chicago was a good move :) 

  2. Just saw this thread - thanks guys.
  3. The years have gone by quickly and you have made a positive impact on this club - thank you for all your many hours of time and effort! Hope to see you at the Wooden Shoe tournament.
  4. Great job, Larry! A well thought out event of this magnitude. I hope I can make it.
  5. Same issue, my fix: right click - highlight "spell checker options" - click on "Language settings..." - click on "Enable spell checking"
  6. Thank you to all that submitted stories, a lot of good laughs were had reading these! The numbers have been calculated and info turned over to our esteemed President who'll have the honors of doling out the prizes!
  7. Voting will close tomorrow, Friday the 14th. Winners will be announce on Saturday, the ides of March... Two stories are in the lead with just one vote apart Three other stories are tied up for third place Just a few votes can change the game completely! Everyone is still in the running! Cast your vote! It's probably one of the rare times it will actually count!
  8. Keep them votes coming! Winners will be announced on the ideas of March....
  9. Its a tight race to the winners circle! Your votes will make a difference. VOTE NOW!
  10. Be Aware that if you select "View Results" before voting, you will not be able to vote! The results will be visible after you place your votes.
  11. You can vote for all the stories you liked! There will be at least 3 winners so I encourage you all to cast at least 3 votes!!
  12. Multiple votes are encouraged! Members can vote for all the stories they liked but will only have one shot at voting.
  13. Thank you all for submitting all these very funny stories! 28 Great Stories! CAG MEMBERS - THE WINNERS ARE UP TO YOU VOTE FOR ALL YOUR FAVORITE FUNNY STORIES
  14. One more day for submitting funny fishing stories!
  15. Three days left - Friday the 28th is the last day to post for this contest! Great prizes to be had so post that funny story!
  16. Four Days Left!! So post your funny fishing stories for a chance at some great prizes! ...must be some good stories out of the ATC?!!
  17. Only 10 Days Remaining for Entries to this Contest
  18. This contest is being extended till the end of the month, Friday - February 28th! So you all have two more weeks to post a story for - Funniest Fishing Story Contest! As a reminder... The Prizes for this contest are as follows: The CAG winner by most votes for the funniest fishing story will win a set of 2 Delkim EV Plus Alarms and their story published in the next NACA: The CAG winner with the second most votes for the funniest fishing story will win a set of 2 Galaxy Alarms and their story in the next NACA: Bite Indicator Features: Separately adjustable volume (knob is marked V) and tone (knob is marked T) Adjustable sensitivity (knob is marked S) Night LED (activates by putting switch in the bottom in NL position) Rubberized coating Extra bright LEDs for bite indication and indication of strike Electronic board completely sealed Bite indication provides by magnetic sensor Matching thread on the bank stick Standard sounder box connection Low battery consumption Supplied with protective case Operated with 9 volt battery The CAG winner with the third most votes for the funniest fishing story will win a CAG Logo T-Shirt and other CAG logo goodies from the CAG store!! So get to writing up some stories folks, a lot of great ones have already been posted up...keep em coming and remember that this contest will close February 28th! Each Angler may submit as many different stories that they care to share. If anyone that has already submitted stories wishes to add more to their story with pics or more detail...go right ahead!!
  19. NACA received today! I already read it in one sitting. Loved it!
  20. Keep them stories coming! Contest still on!!
  21. Just had a whole lot of fun reading through the stories. A lot of good ones! We all have some good stories we tell, write em down and share! OK... I'm reminded of a time I was down at the Chicago lakefront fishing for perch. The bite was on soft shell cray fish which usually come frozen because they are intentionally frozen when they are molting their shells, thus - soft shell crayfish, great bait! Well the bait shop was all out and only had hard shell live cray fish which is what I was left to fish with. This was no fun as I had to sadistically cut off their tails for bait small enough for the perch. A lot of people, other than fishermen, frequent the lakefront. As fate would have it, a man and his very young (maybe 5 years old) son chose me to stop and ask the usual 20 questions about fishing. I would answer the questions and the dad would proudly explain to his son the virtues of fishing. I sometimes don't think things all the way through and what I think is a good idea sometimes goes sour... Well, I thought this young lad might want one of my live crayfish to take with him as a pet. I know they do well in fish tanks. So I say, "here kiddo, this is for you!" I reach into the bait bucket and grab the largest crayfish in there and with a big smile I set it on the walk in front of this unsuspecting child. There was like a moment when time stood still and this poor kid froze as he looked at this cray fish which had assumed the defensive position, tail down, claws up and snapping. When this young boy came out of his fear induced trance he let out an ear piercing scream and took off running and crying with his dad in chase. ...poor kid probably still has nightmares... sorry kid, I meant well.
  22. Funny duck capture!!! Once, a duck dove out of the sky and into the water in-front of us on the Chicago River followed by a swooping hawk. It then surfaced and raised a racket, quaking at the hawk who was now in a tree. Apparently the duck felt safe in the water and the hawk eventually moved on.
  23. Cool story/funny video of the minks, not usually seen. Must have been one stinky net! The poison ivy is a classic! As for the "unusual fishing story"... great idea for another contest maybe later this year! Save it for then. Great stuff, keep them coming!!
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