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Hope everyone liked the most recent NACA. We now have a new segment called "Around the Globe" where we feature articles from different areas of the world and we would love to see this continue. If we have any World wide members please send me articles and pictures detailing the area of the world you are fishing. It was great to have Marcus Tackley detail his trip up to Canada and a really interesting read from Chris Ward over in Australia. Carp fishing really is global so hopefully we'll get some interesting content for future editions.

I am also adding a section called "Around the USA" which will feature different areas of the country. I'm hoping to highlight Texas fishing in the next issue but again, if anyone has good content please send it across to naca@carpanglersgroup.com

Personally, I plan on finishing up my Boilie Articles in the next edition and then I am starting a 'Technical' section where I am going to dispel some of the myths lots of us still believe and also put tackle, rigs and bait to the test. First up is a feature on rods. I see lots of threads and videos doing the rounds with all sorts of claims regarding distances people can cast. In this first article I am going to take several rods in the same bracket (12ft 3-3.25lb Test Curve) and put them through 3-4 simple tests to see how they stack up. All tests will be recorded and documented and I'll keep them as simple as possible so they are applicable to the average angler.

With that said I am attempting to get 6-10 rods together to test. I already have Fox, Saxon and Century covered and I am looking at getting a few other major brands on board as well as a few of our US manufacturers. If you have a rod you want tested or have a test you would like to see performed please let me know.

Finally, I would love to have US based anglers on the cover of NACA, but it really does depend on you guys sending me quality pictures. Once the water warms up, please get out there, catch some lumps and send the pictures my way.

Have a great winter.


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Great issue Dean, well done mate. Love the potential for 'Around the Globe' to put an international spin on angling, personally I always turn to the International Carper section of Carp World first! Maybe Dave Moore could tap up TDP for a feature, love his descriptive ramblings :-)

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