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Sonik 6000 FS Reels - One Year Later

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I purchased the Sonik 6000 reels on a promotional sale last year and have used them for 1 full season at this point. I thought I'd post my impressions of them after catching 140 carp on them this season.

I agree that the sales information posted on Carp Kit is accurate. Here it is again in case you need it:

A superb new bait-runner style reel, with a super smooth trouble free operation and sleek black cosmetics. Supplied with two spools, they feature S-curve Oscillation for even line lay, instant anti-reverse, front and rear drag, balances twin handles, thick Aluminum black bail arm, Titanium coated anti-twist line roller and a 4.6:1 gear ratio, which recovers a full 87cm/34 inch of line per turn of the handle.

  • 5+1 Stainless Ball Bearings
  • High Strength Composite Body/Rotor
  • Instant Anti-Reverse
  • S-Curve Oscillation for even line lay
  • Line Recovery Per Turn of Handle - 34inch/87cm
  • Balanced Rotor
  • Balanced Twin Handle
  • Titanium coated
  • Anti-Twist Line Roller
  • Thick Aluminum black bail arm wire
  • Free spool feature
  • Sensitive sealed drag
  • Gear ratio 4.6:1
  • Supplied with 2 graphite spools, capacity of mm/m 0.30-460 0.35-340 0.40-260/lbs/yds 15-375 18-340 22-225.
  • Reel Weight - 460g

These are sturdy reels. They look good and they produce as advertised. I have snagged hooks with them occasionally and jerked, yanked and ripped to free the snag and the reel did not falter. I even tightened down the drag once reeled until my hook bent with no obvious ill effects, although I don't recommend you do what I did.

I like the black finish on the reels and it has worn well with minimal scratches. The only reason there are any scratches at all is because occasionally I got a little excited and dropped the reels when unhooking fish.

I'd buy them again if I needed new reels. I think they are a good intermediate reel for people who are getting serious about catching lots of carp on a regular basis.


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