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  1. here is a direct link http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/14-cag-store/
  2. Is the store active? I clicked on it earlier and nothing happened...
  3. Hoodie! OD, brown, and/or black.
  4. I agree, David. I'd prefer an electronic version myself...but I'm not against providing paper versions to those who prefer them.
  5. Spring Carping! Begone, ice!

  6. Done. I requested that carp, suckers, and other rough fish be given the same respect and protection under the law as trout, bass, and other gamefish. Also that size and number limits be adapted consistent with the science in sustainable and trophy fishing.
  7. Did you try the link for iphone/ipad? This has worked for me...
  8. Dean, high quality issue for sure! NACA keeps getting better and better!
  9. Who's the noddy on the cover? lol...
  10. Andy, you spearheaded a great turnaround for the organization... thanks! Now back to making great baits!
  11. Willem will take care of it when he's able...
  12. I've read about this for the past few years... 2015 might just be my year to come and have fun (hopefully better fishing than the CCC in Indy...).
  13. Another quality issue! Enjoyed/learned from all of the articles, particularly Frank's, Brian's, and Ian's. I had read Dean's before and it is still just as good! ;-) Well done!
  14. Cool! Looking forward to the review! And, I agree, BCT have great customer service! (as well as the other US/Canada member vendors)
  15. On your computer, smartphone, ??? If computer, try clearing out your browser cache / temporary files. for IE, => Tools, Internet Options, Browser History, Delete. Select Temporary Internet files, then the Delete button. Close your browser and reopen. If you don't have IE, the others may have similar functionality but I don't know the steps... good luck!
  16. I first got into catching carp after reading about Al St Cyr winning $250,000 for catching the state record at the ATC in 2006. Never even considered it before. Not that I was thinking I could win that kind of money, but it opened my eyes to the sport of carp fishing. I also like the idea of prizes for state records. I'd be willing to chip in a small monthly amount, say $5 or $10, to help fund it. If enough of us do that, it could build....
  17. Good answers, all. I know everything takes money and/or time. Brian, thanks for the insight into the division of club vs fish-in funding, and fish-in participant conversion to membership. Rick, thanks for the cost input on fish-ins and the point made about the proliferation of 'free' clubs. I've participated in CAG fish-ins/tourneys, WCC fish-ins/tourneys, TOKS contests, and have enjoyed them all. I don't see a reason to pick/choose, and they all promote CPR carping. Mick, I understand your point, and vendors continue to be nothing but generous in providing prizes for fish-ins and tourneys. It was nice to get the discounts, too, but that's not why I'm a member of CAG (and I'm not implying thats why you are). I continue to be a member because it continues to be of value to me re: fish-ins, NACA, the forums, etc.
  18. Question: is fundraising and growing CAG necessarily related? Are there fewer Fish-Ins because of lower funds, or because of lower participation? I don't have answers here, just questions... ;-) p.s. clearly more CAG members means more funds; not sure the opposite is true, though...
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