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Possible (probable) New Hook Requirement On The Hudson River.


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DEC Proposes Circle Hook Requirement For 2021 Recreational Striped Bass Fishing Season

Various hooks including the correct circle hookDEC has released a new proposed regulation for public review and comment that would require the use of circle hooks when recreational fishing for Atlantic striped bass. This proposed regulation would reduce release mortality in recreational striped bass fisheries as required by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). Catch-and-release practices contribute significantly to overall fishing mortality in recreational striped bass fisheries and circle hooks work effectively to increase survival. The Atlantic coast-wide harvest of Atlantic striped bass is managed by ASMFC.

DEC is accepting public comments on the proposal through Mar. 8, 2021. The proposed regulation includes all New York State waters where recreational fishing for Atlantic striped bass occurs, including coastal waters of Long Island and New York City, the Delaware River, and the Hudson River to the Federal Dam in Troy, New York. The full text of the proposed regulation can be found on DEC's website

Comments on the proposed circle hook regulation should be sent by March 8, 2021 to fw.marine@dec.ny.gov or by mail to: Division of Marine Resources, 205 N. Belle Mead Rd. Suite 1, East Setauket, NY 11733. After reviewing public comments, DEC will be adopting and publishing a final regulation. The open seasons and size limits striped bass in all New York waters have not changed for 2021.

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Seems clear that this would apply only when specifically fishing for Striped Bass.

Presumably when fishing 'cut' bait, crabs or sandworms.

Boilies and Field Corn you should be ok ;)


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Other fish have been caught on boilies and field corn. The hook regulation just doesn't make a bit of sense to me. Only fished the South Shore of LI one time with my uncle.  We used bloodworms. BTW, we blanked that day. It was preparation for carp fishing.

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When Pennsylvania took feedback, I tried to get as many carp anglers as I could to write in.  As far as I can tell, all the comments were simply ignored.  So from kids using nightcrawlers for sunfish, to carp anglers with full fish care, if you get the wrong officer in the Tidal Delaware Estuary, you might have issues.

Just be careful you don't end up with this rule:

ATTENTION: Non-offset (inline) circle hooks are required when fishing with bait for any species of fish in the Tidal Delaware Estuary including tributaries from the mouths of the tributaries upstream to the limit of the tidal influence. The definition of a non-offset (inline) circle hook is a non-offset hook where the point is pointed perpendicularly back towards the shank. The term 'non-offset' means the point and the barb are in the same plane as the shank



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The Circle requirements are for NY State. If other states will follow then please check your state fishing laws.

The reasoning behind the Circle hook. its not about what bait you use. its about being able to unhook the fish as quickly as gentle as possible for being released back into the rivers.  Unfortately the mortality rate  is too high from under sized stripe bass being caught and released and ending up being dead in the water. Being a circle hook should be alot easier to unhook with fingers or most people use is pair of pliers. 

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