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Ontario Canada - New Regulations for Common Carp Angling!


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Ontario has announced new regulations that will allow anglers to use more than one rod when fishing for common carp. 

The new rules are shown below:

(5) A person who is angling for common carp may use up to three lines in the waters of fisheries management zones 12 to 20, if all of the following conditions are met:

  • (a) the person is using plant-based bait or synthetic corn;

  • (b) if the person is angling from a fishing vessel, all of the lines used by the person are on that vessel with the person; and

  • (c) if the person is not angling from a fishing vessel, each line used by the person is within two metres of another line used by the person.



Congratulations to Len Perdic and everyone involved in bringing these new rules to fruition.


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Congratulations to all the Canadian fishermen.  Now you can get some fishing done.

There won't be that much time lost if this is finalized in May.  May is when the fishing starts to rock.  Anyway, from now until May should give you guys plenty of time to get that 'honey-do' list done and sweeten up the Mrs., so you can shell out all those buck$ for new rods and rod pods.


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