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That's OK Todd. I wasn't looking for an apology, but merely wanted to clear up what I put.

Phone, I read the first page of this thread and I sort of want to avoid fueling that debate. I only came on here to comment on moderating - which you TOTALLY suck at (and if you take that any other way than a joke I shall be forced to steal your fishing bucket!).

RickyB :D

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If the topic starter would like, I can moderate (ooooh, there's that nasty word again) this thread and remove all the off-topic crap.

Just say the word Keith. :D

Now bear in mind that I'm leaving tomorrow to go fishing so you'll have to get another mod to do it after tomorrow afternoon or so.

Todd or another moderator if Todd has gone fishing.

I believe that removing all the crud from this (and other threads that end up like this) is the best way to go - feel free to remove any non-relevant posts from this thread. Of course I don't want to impinge on peoples freedom of speech so if you believe that cleaning up the thread does so then use your moderting discretion



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