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  1. Hi! I am still in PA...went out for a fishing session on the Juniata River last weekend....first time in 4 years....and of course I blanked ! I don’t have Facebook....which is probably why I haven’t seen any activity...
  2. Oh that is very, very sad news. Thanks for posting this. He was a legend of American Carp angling. I agree with Phone (twice in two days?!) that we should honor him in some perminant way. How about having the top award at the CCC (an event I think he started) named after him? RickyB
  3. On that note Phone - would the size of the water also limit their size? It's true that not all carp can grow that big - as not all people can grow to be 7 feet and 300lb. I also think it is ugly. A sort of fat-bellied porka with a beer gut. Actually, a bit like me then... But nobody can say it isn't an impressive size. Amazing. I wonder if he was secretly a bit miffed it wasn't 100lb? Rich.
  4. I would like to fish with RickyB. I hear he is a top man and an excellent carp fisherman. RickyB
  5. Wonderful fish you all caught there! Some fish for everyone to be proud of! R
  6. Ahh...that makes sense. In the summer time it is completely unfishable without a massive rake. Makes sense..... I fished it the weekend after the tourney and caught a NY PB, 24lb something. Not quite as good as the tourney folks, but it was a relaxing time. R
  7. Nice fish Stewart...congratulations. Esp the Mirra! A lovely colour. One thing though...what's Phil doing in the river again after 2 starbucks? There was a portapotty up the bank a bit, so there was no need for him to do that....?
  8. Scotty, That is a very very fat fish. I am amazed it's not even a 30. This leads me to believe that you have made up that photo by inflating the fish with air. I suggest immediate modification of your signature now have proof that it is all lies. In addition, please PM me all the locations that you fish at and the baits that you use. Sersiously though someone had to come up with the jealous post. That's a really fat fish! Not in the 'full of eggs' sort of way that I've seen before. A lovely fish. Looks like I am going to be in Boston in June - I will look to bring my rods this time for sure as I've booked the time off already. Fancy taking me somewhere where I can at least catch a 1lb fish that isn't too much of a drive from Boston? No secret location, just somewhere we can fish together from and I can drive home at the end of the day. R R/
  9. I'll have to check that it is NTSC - no point giving the winner a PAL version unless they happen to have an all-region DVD player like me...
  10. I am having knee surgery in May. Can I have a 50lb handicap? Actually, can I have a handcap anyhow? Richard.
  11. Giving this event some serious thought this year. I would like to go as "Team: Team, Team. Team" as in the CCC Rich
  12. RichB

    CCC 2009

    Where are most of the members located geographically? Maybe we should plan on having it somewhere near there - so the Mid-west seems an obvious location. I did think where we could have it in PA that has a good head of carp and enough bank access - but I came up short. All the lakes I fish in have about 2 pegs in them. R
  13. A great choice for winners and congratulations to Gilbert. From what I understand Al was a trouper for carp fishing and dedicated a lot of his time to the growth of the sport - particularly for younger people. Rich
  14. RichB


    I still can't believe Hull City did Arse at their place. I enjoyed that....oh and Wolves winning for the 7th time in a row. It's been a rough year, but fishing has been fantastic! Things in life may come and go, but fishing still excites me like I'm 10 years old. R
  15. RichB


    I'm just happy I caught something! I came 6th or something stupid. A noddy coming in 6th! I should phone the Mayor of Wolverhampton!
  16. RichB


    Rick, Fantastic fish mate! WTG! Rich
  17. RichB


    Well, where to begin? First by thanking Mark and the DC crew for this event. Folks, it was fantastic. I was suffering from a cold and was thinking about missing it – I am really glad that I didn’t. I turned up in the pouring rain at the parking lot by the hotel to meet with the fellow CAG members for some beer and a chat. To my great delight I finally met some people that I have been talking to over the years on the internet. Most notable were FINALLY meeting Brian Nordberg and Big-Dave Moore…the latter immediately repeated a phrase I had said about him on the forum . After saying hi to some more new friends of this year and some old ones (PhilGB, Migel, BigBird, PatK, Hankster, Stewart, John to name a few) it was time to meet some people I didn’t know...including the Canadian crew – one of which had some fantastic photos of some big fish. Take it from me; from what I have seen there are some bigger ones to come from them so watch that space! Then there was Val. What a great guy – I hope to do some fishing with him. Had a great laugh talking to him. Met some of the Ohio crew, including Rich who then had some trouble with his keys . Said hi to Al and Paul. Our president turned up after some lengthy website reconstruction and the crew was all there. After the jollies, it was off to bed and to try and sober up a bit…. 5 hours later and I fell out of bed and realized it was time to go downstairs for the peg draw. Bad news – it was flooded but Mark had a backup plan and told us that come hell and high-water we would be fishing. He was right, of course. I drew a peg with Laurence (who I do most of my carp exploring with) next to Dave Moore and just down from Brian, Mark, Louis and Matt….only to realize I was actually in the president’s swim and I had to move our stuff further down. As you know the railings presented a challenge that I hadn’t even thought about, so I put my gear up in a manner that made my pod look like it was leaping over it. Dave then caught a lovely fish and on my calibrated scales, it went 19lb and 15oz. I thought we were in for a good day despite having to set up with the water past my ankles. But the fishing was rough – all that new water just kept flowing and that changed the fishing. I imagine that all of Phil’s hard work with the boat was needed as much of the food was probably washed away. At around 3pm my alarms actually did something and I reeled in a 14lb 07oz carp. I was just happy to catch something – and by the looks of it she was a Ghostie. After much BSing with Dave and Co, we finally packed up for the AGM. Laurence and I stayed until sun down to try and catch some more. More beer and a curry, I went to bed and decided to fish the lazy swim with Laurence and John. Again the water proved tough, but Laurence managed some carp, John some cats and myself a 18lb+ carp – a new DC PB. The ever attentive Mark showed up to see how we were after some deserved sleep. I thanked him again from a great event. …and to think I almost missed it due to a cold. Thanks fellas A really great job! I had a total blast. Great to finally speak to so many people in person. RickyB.
  18. That's the first (and last) time anyone has ever said that!
  19. For me the health of the fish comes first. I would return it after a photograph. Having my name in lights comes second to returning a trophy sized fish.
  20. Yah, whatever, what happened to Keith?
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