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  1. Due to the overwhelming response, I've been struggling with trying to figure out how to do a poll on this. I tried a couple of online polling things but it just came out messy. This is the best I came up with. This is a preliminary poll to narrow it down to 20 entrants (the max you can do in an online poll with this forum software). I'll leave this up for 3 days (72 hours). Pictures are HERE. Top 20 vote getters get in the final poll. Ties will decided by management
  2. Josh, that pretty mirror of yours was my inspiration for the contest!
  3. Hey Mike, Very helpful and not a problem! I meant to put a little smiley face in there but was rushing!
  4. Here we go, most beautiful North American carp caught by a non-member. Winner gets half off a membership to CAG. You can find the pics HERE
  5. Guys and gals - Thanks for the awesome response to the contest! It's taken me awhile to figure out a way to get a poll going with so many contestants. I may have worked out and will hopefully have something tonight or tomorrow. There are actually going to be two polls, one for member contestants and one for non-members. A little bit of administration. Barbelfloat, Mario, and Ian disqualified themselves for posting too many pics. Ryan and Hankster were too late too enter. Sorry guys .
  6. Post a better pic! That really is an awesome looking fish .
  7. Posting for Cody James...Mohawk River lump
  8. Chris - That last mirror is particularly amazing!!!
  9. Wasn't easy to narrow it down to three but here goes.... I tried to use photos that I haven't used before, most long time members have probably seen these fish but not the particular angle. Pic 1 my Potomac PB Common, not just massive but scale perfect and gorgeous. Pic 2 not the biggest mirror in the world but perfect coloring and I love the scale pattern Pic 3 my PB Ghost Carp
  10. Koi are fine! So far so good, but where Val, Mike D., Louis, Matt, John Bramley, Colin.....know you guys have caught some beauties! Lets see them! I'm still struggling to find my three LOL
  11. Great entries so far! It really is going to be hard to pick. Here's my wife Lia's entries...
  12. Hey Guys - I moved some of the posts here I'm trying heavily to promote the contest and CAG to non-members so hope this thread can just be about beautiful carp. thanks Any comments about this post please post them here
  13. Let's limit it to three photos per entrant
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