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  1. Dale Holmes

    New Carper here

  2. Dale Holmes

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Dale Holmes

    Fall Grits Packbait

    I use Mr Big's mix in all seasons: 18oz instant Grits (Quaker). 9oz quick Grits (Quaker). 2 table spoons of Kosher salt. 14 3/4 oz Cream style corn ( Green giant ). Never heard of seasonal adjustments to grits pack. But I have heard that different packs work in different seasons.
  4. Dale Holmes

    Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Social

    The Willow Grove site has been good to me too.
  5. Dale Holmes

    Deep lake carp tactics?

    I have fished lots of big impoundments in the West. I have always found that a baiting campaign was essential to carpin success. In your case, you might experiment a bit with different particles to find something the perch won't eat. Almost any animal food will probably do for chumming the carp. Stroll down the aisles at any feed store (Tractor Supply, for example) and just buy a few bags of pig pellets, range cubes, or, anything that sinks in water, and try it. A good article to read is "The Baiting Pyramid" by Mike Wison. You can find it here: https://barbel.co.uk/site/articles/baitingpyramid/baitingpyramid.htm Note the following in Washington Sport Fishing Rules: Effective July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017: "It is unlawful to chum, broadcast, feed, or distribute into freshwater any bait or other substance capable of attracting fish unless specifically authorized in Special Rules."
  6. Dale Holmes


    You might try Big Carp Tackle: https://www.bigcarptackle.com/carp-care/nets/nets/ Another option: https://www.rhinonets.org
  7. Dale Holmes

    Monongahela river carp - near Charleroi Pennsylvania

    Looks like some convenient bank access right next to one of the ball parks in Charleroi Community Park.
  8. Dale Holmes

    Urban Pond Triumph

  9. Dale Holmes

    Catch and release.....illegal???

    Searching for carp didn't do it for me. But scrolling through the regulations one can find: "What happens if I catch an ANS fish species? Class III ANS, such as common carp or silver carp, can be kept for consumption if legally harvested. However, they cannot be released alive back into a waterbody after they have been harvested. All other ANS are illegal to possess and should be left where found. If you find something you believe to be an ANS or a new population, report it to the Department through the online reporting form on the Department’s website, or by emailing or calling the Department." ANS=Aquatic Nuisance Species