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  1. Could you disclose the brand name for the Panko? A photo of the 8 oz container would help.
  2. Dale Holmes


    I have modified the traditional grits pack by adding some hemp as follows: 18 oz Instant Grits 9 oz Quick Grits 1 ‘Handful’ of Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds 3 oz Strawberry Gelatin Dessert 14.75 oz Creamed Corn To be honest, I have not quantified any improvement provided by the hemp. Carp like the grits pack with & without the hemp.
  3. Sweet corn out of the can is generally pretty weak stuff and is pretty easy to rip off of a hook or a hair. Once, I was fishing next to a Japanese guy who used sweet corn, raw, plucked right off of an ear of corn. Seemed to work for him. I imagine the raw sweet corn is a lot tougher than the canned corn.
  4. Oftentimes, when I prebait, I'll chuck dry corn directly out of the 50 lb bag. Seems to work as well as soaked/boiled corn.
  5. They get big. World record is 232 lbs. http://www.ladbible.com/news/animals-brit-catches-worlds-biggest-carp-in-thailand-weighing-232lbs-20190704
  6. If still available, I'll take the Fox Micron M+ Alarms.

  7. Some folks know how to prepare carp for the table: https://www.joetessplace.com/go/home/ "It's as simple as that. Joe Tess Place began as a neighborhood tavern in the 1930s. The main attraction became the Famous Fish Sandwich itself. Cut carp portions were fried in a skillet, placed in a cookie jar and sold for 15 cents. Ever since, the humble carp has been the driving force behind Joe Tess Place. From its simple beginnings, Joe Tess Place is now a successful family restaurant in the tradition of friendly service and high quality fresh fish products. "
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