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  1. Brief History Of Carp In The Usa

    The American Carp Society has a new website and one of the featured articles is"The History of Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) in North America" The article can be found here: 4. US CARP HISTORY A Quote: "The nations leaders became alarmed that the rapidly expanding country might soon run out of a fisheries resource. In 1871, President Grant appointed a fish commission to oversee the country’s fisheries; it’s first task was to find a way to shore the flagging fishing stocks. Although the commission members knew the nation’s native fisheries were being ruined by human development, it would've been politically unwise to recommend that the pollution, over-fishing, wetland drainage, and logging cease. Instead, the federal government decided to find a new fish species that could replace or at least supplement those dying out. Baird wrote to Europe and received information on a variety of fish, notably the carp. He was impressed with what was being done in Europe and Asia, where carp was a cash crop rivaling grain and livestock in sales and protein content. In his 1874 report, Baird wrote that the common carp would thrive better than most native fish because it fed on vegetable matter. While only partially correct (like trout, carp eat mostly insect larvae), such a revelation was enough to encourage more research. Two years later, Baird noted in another report further benefits of carp such as rapid growth, adaptability, harmlessness to other fishes, and good table qualities. Since sport fishing wasn't popular at the time, the commission didn't even need to mention the carp’s strength, size, and sporting qualities to convince Congress to appropriate money to import carp from Germany and begin a program of raising and distributing the fish to points throughout the westward expanding nation. In 1877, the commission imported 345 common, mirror, and leather carp and placed them in ponds in Baltimore, where they were raised by Maryland's Fish commissioner, T. B. Ferguson. The next year, some of these fish were transferred to ponds near the capitol in Washington D.C., where they soon had produced over 6,000 carp fingerlings that were shipped to 273 applicants in 24 states. The spread of carp in North America had begun."
  2. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    If I recall correctly, in one of Jerome's underwater videos from a couple of years ago, he found that short hook links, say about 4 inches, were significantly more effective than longer ones.
  3. Cold weather baits

    Mr Big has some cold weather pack recipes here:
  4. Carp Guide services and lessons

    CAG Member iandmorris in San Jose has caught some nice fish. You might get in touch with him.
  5. Mirror Carp..?

    In my experience, some waters near Soda Springs, Idaho are 100% mirrors. I'm thinking of Alexander Reservoir and Blackfoot Reservoir.
  6. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    I seldom use hair rigs anymore. I use a more simple rig:
  7. Brief History Of Carp In The Usa

    Kowaleski's essay should be made available on the CAG homepage.