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  1. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    I seldom use hair rigs anymore. I use a more simple rig:
  2. Brief History Of Carp In The Usa

    Kowaleski's essay should be made available on the CAG homepage.
  3. Renewal

    I had no trouble renewing................
  4. Thanx for the reply and I look forward to your more detailed review.
  5. I'm curious, for the fish you found, was there any way you could determine that they were carp? I'm wondering if you could write a review of the Deeper sometime. I note that, for the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+, about 5% of the reviews on Amazon are only 1-star.
  6. Dead forum

    Did you do any serious prebaiting? That always works for me and, on some waters, is absolutely necessary.
  7. Has Anyone Fished Dale Hollow Lake?

    I had a great time on Dale Hollow a few years back:
  8. A great session, with a Plus