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  1. Dale Holmes

    Urban Pond Triumph

  2. Dale Holmes

    Catch and release.....illegal???

    Searching for carp didn't do it for me. But scrolling through the regulations one can find: "What happens if I catch an ANS fish species? Class III ANS, such as common carp or silver carp, can be kept for consumption if legally harvested. However, they cannot be released alive back into a waterbody after they have been harvested. All other ANS are illegal to possess and should be left where found. If you find something you believe to be an ANS or a new population, report it to the Department through the online reporting form on the Department’s website, or by emailing or calling the Department." ANS=Aquatic Nuisance Species
  3. Dale Holmes

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    I filled out the questionnaire and voted to keep the lake at full level. Hope to fish for buffs there some day.
  4. Dale Holmes

    Pack bait help

    Check here:
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    Last Week's Fishin'

  6. Dale Holmes

    Carp Fishing the 'vine Round 2

    And some have some interesting scale patterns:
  7. Dale Holmes

    Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Carpin at Watauga Lake TN in 2010 During a 2010 road trip, I wanted to fish at least one lake way up in northeast Tennessee. After studying the map, I selected Watauga Lake and I thought the dam area might hold some promising carpin sites. So, on July 5th, 2010, I headed for the Watauga Dam. It was not that easy to find but I finally got there. I was impressed with this lake; it’s nestled in a very picturesque environment with reasonably clear water. However, I decided to reject the dam area because of the long walk that would be required to get from the parking area to potential swims. I scouted the south side of the lake by taking US321 south out of Elizabethton. I found some Day Use areas that had some promise; the one I selected was the Watauga Point Recreational Area. The choice was easy because I ran into a North Carolina paylaker there who was hauling and who was planning to leave the next day. He had a boat and had baited the swim for two days with lots of cracked corn. We had a nice chat about carpin and I watched him haul with his paylaker equipment. I returned to that baited & productive swim the next day. I used gritspack, flavored maize on a hair with a 4 inch hooklink, and 1 oz of lead (slip and bolt both worked). I landed 25 fish in roughly 7 hours. The smallest was 4-0 and the largest was 13-0. There were 3 fish that exceeded 10 lb. The average weight was 6.6 lb. Watauga is a very scenic venue with lots of recreational possibilities. Plenty of carp too but it definitely does not appear (to me) to be a big carp water. The soil was reddish brown in the area so boat wake gave the shoreline water a reddish brown tinge. My swim would occasionally be visited by large numbers of butterflies. As with most of the Tennessee venues I visited, mosquitoes were no problem.