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  1. It would be nice to see a scientific study that proves that unboiled maize is detrimental to carp health. I was under the impression that the crusher teeth deep in a carp's throat could deal effectively with hard food items. Bernie Haines, fishing and guiding on the St Lawrence, used to chum copious amounts of soaked, but not boiled, maize; I was witness to that and Bernie didn't seem to be bothered at all by chumming unboiled maize.
  2. Corn works!!!..........................馃檪 路麓炉`路.赂. , . .路麓炉`路..><((((潞> , . .路麓炉`路.. ><((((潞>`路.赂赂.路麓炉`路.赂><((((潞( ><((((潞> ><((((潞> 路麓炉`路.赂. , . .路麓炉`路..><((((潞>
  3. I think Purina庐 AquaMax庐Fingerling Starter 300 is one of the "chows" that work: https://www.purinamills.com/fish-and-aquatics-feed/products/detail/purina-aquamax-fingerling-starter-300
  4. My recollection is that I was fishing about 35-50 yards from shore. My terminal tackle didn't take long to hit bottom.
  5. Ah, the Vincent Swim. Fond memories. On 06-24-2007, I landed a 30-5 common there.
  6. I find that reducing the max dimension to 600 pixels will allow the photo to be accepted by the site.
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