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  1. I am trying to renew for 2020, but a I can’t seem to do it either through the CAG Store or reactivating my automatic payment in PayPal. Can anyone help?
  2. If still available, I'll take the Fox Micron M+ Alarms.

  3. Ok Guys. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Mott Lake before the rain hit today. I expect tomorrow's conditions will be tough. (Post-front). If the river raises enough, we can consider fishing in the river, or we can stick to the Beach area. Or - We can try the fishing access point across from the beach. (I've never fished here). It's entirely up to everyone. I suggest we start at the Bluebell Beach in the same place we did last year. I will be there around 9:00am to scope things out. We will officially start at 10:00am. See everyone there!
  4. You're a step ahead of me Andy. I just sat down to post the Roll Call and directions. I'll give you a call to coordinate. By the way, I snuck out there about a week ago and fished for 2 hours. Caught a HUGE cat (11 1/2#) and a 'low teens' carp.
  5. Had a great time again this year. Thanks Andy & Nikki for hosting another great event!
  6. Thanks to everyone that made it up to Flint yesterday. Also, a special thanks to Rich at Little Dipper for the donations to the event. Your continued support of the club is very much appreciated! The day started off pretty well with plenty of fish being caught in the morning. Flint produced yet another PB (22# for Austin's & Brendan's friend), unfortunately, before the official start of the event. (Please post your pics!!!). As the day (and heat) went on, the fishing slowed, but never entirely shut down. It ended up being a very enjoyable afternoon with plenty of shade to sit under, some
  7. After some discussion with fellow members, I've decided to take a chance and revise the venue to the River, below Mott Lake. We will meet as early as anyone wants to show up at the Bray Rd. Fishing access spot at the NE corner of Bray and Carpenter Rd. The fishing locations will basically be where we fished the tournament last year (see attached). We have limited spots, but should be able to easily fit 10-12 anglers. I plan on being there between 8-9am. The 'official' fish-in will run from 11-5pm. It's recommended that you being 3 oz. leads. This will be a 2 rod event. See you all Sat
  8. Fish-in will officially run from 11-5. Feel free to come early or stay later. Take 475 to Carpenter Rd exit, and turn left (heading east). Stay on Carpenter until you get to Bray. Turn left on Bray and go north until you get to Bluebell Beach park. (If we end up meeting there)
  9. As of now, we will be meeting at the East end of the Bluebell Beach parking lot, and fishing the area near the East end of the beach in Mott Lake near the inlet This is the same area we fished in April, 2010. We realize this is a slight change of venue, but given the relative lack of bank space below the dam in the Flint River, and the unpredictability of the water levels this year, which have a major impact on fishing locations, we thought it would be best to stick with the lake. This will be a social event with some nice raffle prizes, so there will be no peg draw. Anyone interested in b
  10. Who all's planning on coming to Flint ?
  11. That's one awesome mirror !!!
  12. We normally fish near the Bray Rd. Fishing access site just North of Carpenter Rd. This is the area below Mott Lake.
  13. Agree. We'll wait and see how many are interested and what the river conditions will be like. At a minimum, we'll fish the sme spots as last year's tourney, plus there's plenty of overflow spots further downstream. It might help if we make this a 2 rod event too. Thoughts?
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