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  1. Ed French Open Oct 22-25

    We still have room for a few more teams. You don't want to miss it. http://edfrenchopen.com/ will be there. ...
  2. Top Quality Low Price √

    They dont come in a 1/0.
  3. Wild Carp Classic 2015

    SOLD OUT and then some.
  4. Wild Carp Classic 2015

    Looks like this will be the quickest sell out in the history of the B-ville Tournament and we may have to do a draw to see whos in and whos out this Fri January 23.
  5. Wild Carp Classic 2015

    Wild Carp Club of Central NY to host the Wild Carp Classic May 14-17, 2015 http://www.wildcarpcompanies.com/wild-carp-companies-for-anglers/Wild-Carp-Classic-tournament-2015.html
  6. 2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    Hmmmm All the fish caught in this report.....http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49118-st-lawrence-jr-tourney-report/ Were caught... "On The Puff!"
  7. 2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    You have been paying attention, Mark. The Pack 102 (Proper Pack and Water Temps) I have an A.S. in the Puffology, under the tutorship of the one and only Professor. Working on my Bachelors Degree. Hope to one day, have my PHD in "Pack and Puff".
  8. 2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    "What's in your bucket?" M8
  9. Barbless hooks

    I have used barbless on and off the last few years, size 4 with a corn puff. Works great, doesnt get stuck in the net, or your hand. It's easy to unbutton from the fish. I have seen no evidence of more damage and my land ratio is about the same. With all that said, when I'm fishing competition I use a barbed hook.
  10. 2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    Looks like it's sold out. Fantastic
  11. 2015 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    Bob, I left you a message this morning on your phone. Can you put us down for the 6 pack? Bill Markle and Kent Appleby sponsor Team Packbait.
  12. Not so fast there cowboy, we will be asking anglers, attending the Ed French Open, if they like the current date of Columbus Day weekend, for a potential Ed French open II. Dave, I would love to attend as a wild water paylake, but I think that we need better communication between event organizers. just my 2 cents.
  13. TeamUSA Carp Squad Trial 2014

    Under the rules it only says this "Only a single hook will be allowed and fishing with an hair hook is compulsory." no where, that I could find, does it say you must use a boilie. I will be perfecting my "puff on hair hook" surrounded by a 70mm USA groundbait aka packbait, for next years team. ...
  14. TeamUSA Carp Squad Trial 2014

    I quickly glanced at the rules, you can have up to 440 pounds of ground bait per team pair. Thats alot of Oats. ...
  15. TeamUSA Carp Squad Trial 2014

    I give Lee all the credit in the world for making this happen. However, I think that there were some shady/backroom deals that went down to form this first Team. Hey If thats what it takes to get The USA represented then thats what it takes. We can only hope that in the future the process will be transparent and Team USA will be based on all aspect of Country representation including, citizenship, sportsmanship, knowledge, proven competition results and non binding sponsorship. JMHO And no, I will not try out for the team..... I'm to old. Maybe there should be an age limit rule. I wish Team USA aka Team K-1 all the best and hope they finish well. ....