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  1. joel

    Wts Shimano Longcast

    PM sent.
  2. joel

    2012 Canam Team Rosters

    Work is again holding me back from this one guys! it will happen one time...... best of luck to all! cheers. Joel.
  3. joel

    For Sale

    any photos?
  4. Looking to sell this and hope fully get some new carp gear. any one know someone looking for one or interested. let me know ill be happy to cut a carpy deal! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320949338707#ht_1009wt_1216 cheers. Joel.
  5. man that six i missed this..... $500.00 for that lot was a bloomin steel!!!!
  6. joel


    There super durable.... super smooth.... and even tho Diawa calls them there budget reel..... there by no means cheep! from there wishbone style handle right to the QD. its a solid build for sure. Yes there are other reels that cost a lot more....but really all the BS aside. there a lovely reel. no lash in the gearing. well build and will last a long old time! if danny boy can push them on them dvd's of his landing a 62+ in FR. then there gonna work out just fine over here! actually thinking about getting another set.... sold the last ones i had.... as to be honest there on par with the likes of the shim mini big pits etc. good luck!
  7. joel

    Go-Pro Hero2 $200.00

    Sold as of yesterday via private sale.
  8. Hi all, Have had 1 on these for a while now. and got a second one not so long ago maybe 3 to 4 months. but only needed it for a few shots. I have no need for the second one now. so I'm keeping one and selling the other. RRP is $299.99 . Im selling for $200.00 shipped&insured. payment: in form of gift via PayPal. buyer will get: the camera, housing, and a bunch of attachments,and manual . i'll even chuck in a 4GB SDHC card to get you up and running. FYI: i did attach a 52mm filter mount to the housing so i could use a cyan filter during the algi bloom this year. if you don't like it on there you can buy a new housing for $35.00 from go pro. cheers. PM's or post on here regarding any questions please feel free. cheers. joel.
  9. joel

    Looking To Buy

    Hi all.... Im looking to pick up in used but good condish.... either 1 - shimano 4500 B or 1 - Diawa ss4500 - 5000 T. only need one. i would like it to have fair use on it but not worn or busted. any one has both and willing to part with one of them let me know what you have. many thanks. Joel.
  10. joel

    SLIJCT $10,000.00 Cash Prize!

    are there local kids to sponsor? ones that might need a helping hand etc.... i would love to come up for this, if i can find the time ill come up!
  11. joel

    Big 4 Kickoff

    good luck every one!
  12. joel

    2012 Big 4 How-To Guide

    good luck every one!
  13. joel

    New Gear For Sale!

    your welcome... not sure if you had the DVD's i chucked in... if you do... you could always pass/sell them on etc. i put in a few extra solar bits..... they could come in handy! cheers. thanks for letting me know. joel.
  14. joel

    New Gear For Sale!

    SOLD/PAYMENT PENDING! * NEW* Diawa bait and tackle bag with tackle boxes and rig wallet shown in photos. $80.00 + shipping to buyer. Price dropped to $70.00 shipped including tackle box. rig wallet and bait in the bait tubs. *NEW* Nash 2rod skin $50.00 + shipping to buyer. * price dropped to $ 40.00 shipped* *NEW* tracker ARMO protector mat with stuff sack. $100.00 price dropped to $70.00 + shipping to buyer