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  1. Greys 7 foot Stalker Rod

    Greys 7 foot stalker rod. Used maybe 3 times. 2.75 tc. A little rod with a lot of backbone. Hook clip and cloth rod bag. $700 shipped
  2. Delkim TXI'S, Nitelite Pros, and D-loks

    Sold!You got them. PM sending
  3. Fox Scale and Gardner Sling

    Excellent scale. It has a light, closable handles, and retracting weight hook. Sling is in good condition. Sturdy design and rigid. $100 plus shipping
  4. Greys 7 foot Stalker Rod

    Greys 7 foot Stalker Rod I used it 2 or 3 times. Awesome action and excellent for a boat or kayak. I'll add pictures tomorrow $70 plus shipping.
  5. Delkim TXI'S, Nitelite Pros, and D-loks

    You got them. PM sending
  6. 1-Delkim TXI Yellow Very Good condition 1-Delkim TXI White Very Good condition 1-Nitelite Pro Yellow Very Good condition 1-Nitelite Pro White Not Working 1-Black Cover 2-D-lok shoes I would like $325 plus shipping & insurance. Shipped and insured will be around $14.
  7. Delkim Txi's

    What colors?
  8. FFF 2016 - REGISTER HERE!

    Your name: Matt Latzo Your CAG forum name: Mad Chummer Your state or province of residence: MD The state or province of your FFF 2016 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: MD
  9. WTB Greys' STALKING 7

    I have one. I have the Greys stalker.
  10. For Sale

    That's a deal! If you never tried a feeder or feeder fishing you are missing a deadly technique! Especially on BiG CaRp.
  11. Century sp's

    Sweet rods!

    That's a good deal! How you been?
  13. FS Daiwa Infinity X 5000

    Great deal! I have 4. Rare deal as well.
  14. Daiwa Opus Bite n Run WTB

    Darren I'll take them.
  15. Daiwa Opus Bite n Run WTB

    Looking 3 4000 or 4500.