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  1. Thanks Jim!!! The newbie thanks you!!! Generous man!!!
  2. What rods then?
  3. No more Greys!
  4. I'd like it Jim. I have a newbie for it. Pm.
  5. Daiwa Windcast X 5000 spare spool $35 shipped plus freebies
  6. Pretty that a place of foam
  7. Sure Rick. Anything for you.
  8. Looks like a clone! I am watching you. Nice work!
  9. Sure Rick. Anything for you.
  10. Anyone interested in a Solar Globetrotter? 3 rod buzz bars, 2 tripost adaptors, and 6 original bank sticks. Only thing is missing is the original single rear post (this not needed because of the 2 triposts). Also the original bag and paperwork. This is a classic and legendary stainless pod. NO PLASTIC. Stainless steel made in the UK. $350 shipped!
  11. What do you think?
  12. I have a fox scale and Gardner sling for sales
  13. Solar Pot Shots! 3! 1-SOLAR Pot Shots Sweet tangerine, Esterblend 12, Stimulin Amino 1-Butterscotch & Chocolate 1-Mystery Flavor no label, it fell off. Mostly full.
  14. PinaColada (My PB 38 lbs 4oz) ATC Big Fish (Won $1500) Pineapple ( I had numerous fish over 30#'s) Coconut (The other half of Colada) Strawberry ( Old standby) Fish (Whe fishing is slow, this is the goigoing to!) Buttery Butter (A killer with corn puffs) Each bottle is 13 Ounce. 78 ounce total. I will throw in some freebies too! $45 shipped! Paypal