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    My kids, Carpin, any species of fishing, DIY, Rugby(fav teams Ireland , Leinster)

    Having a brew

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  1. I used BCT,Carpkit,Resistance last Aug/Sept !.. Fraud attempt was last week !
  2. wow,.. my card got hit last week .. it was used in the UK on "napster'.. a charge of $39 went thru. My cc co called us and told us that they stopped all transactions as there were attempts of $5, $500,$1000,$3000 purchases ?? They credited us the $39 !! New card on the way ! I'll check my statements ltr,.. but I don't remember making any tackle purchases in the last six months
  3. I too missed the dead line (actually did'nt realise it was a comp ).. some beautiful fish there !!! congrats to all !
  4. Hey Scott....tell the truth................you're cheery because the Soxs got lucky last year Val
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