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  1. I used to !... When I started targeting carp in the tidal Hudson ... Different swims,the tides,weather,baits and prebaiting, fish size etc.. keeping a journal was all part of the day's session !
  2. that sucks Sorano !.. sorry to hear that !!
  3. nice healthy looking lump !! congrats
  4. Very nice Colin !.... and welcome to CAG !!.. see you at Ed Wagners fishin at Dutchmans landing !
  5. Pour boiling water over the dried chicks and left to soak over night are perfect texture wise especially for the hook baits ! I used to use Brookesys method but on occasion I've over cooked them and they became slightly mushy (cooking's not my strong point lol ) Atb Val
  6. fellow CCC carpers,.. is anybody staying at Coles Creek campgrounds for their stay ??
  7. Hey guys,.. anybody staying at colescreek campsite ??.... or is hotel/motel the way to go ???
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