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  1. (MD) Mad Chummer

    looking for a cygnet grand sniper deluxe or extreme

    Look for a Solar Globetrotter. The Cygnet buzzbars are junk. They can only be used with the pod. Lots of plastic.
  2. Euro Landing Net for sale... Rehabbed/refurbished 36-42 inch. New spreader block, nearly New net handle (72 iniches long). The net handle doubles as a baiting scoop/spoon handle. Net arms are used as is the mesh. Net arms are modified with hose to prevent the arms poking out of the net. $55 plus shipping. Shipping probably $30 because of the long handle. The smell of success included free!
  3. (MD) Mad Chummer

    Carp Hangers Set of 3

    Set of 3 hangers $65 shipped. Custom chain and body. Matrix line clips and hockey sticks. If you purchase in the next 24 they shipped ASAP! And I'll knock off $5! if purchase in 24 hours shipped asap and $5 off! ×
  4. I have 6 spools of Ace Velocity tapered line. This is 6 spools of 12-30#. It's tapered at each end of 30# to 12# in the middle. Perfect casts! If you are looking for the perfect tapered shock leader alternative for use on waters where shock leaders are banned, this amazing ACE Velocity Tapered Leader Line is the line for you. Available on a 300m ‘one-shot’ spool, this superb mainline begins with a 10m parallel super-strong section that then tapers down over a 2m length to complete the 278m of mainline. The line then tapers out to the second parallel stronger section, allowing you to re-spool it upon another reel should you require it. I would like $50 plus shipping PayPal.
  5. (MD) Mad Chummer

    Full Matrix 2 Rod Stainess Setup

    Still available? Lol
  6. (MD) Mad Chummer

    Are you a CAG Member?

    Hi all! We'll do a promotion soon. Join CAG for 2 or 3 years, live in MD, DC, or NoVa, and get a chance to win a drawing. Get help with your carping. CAG is the place to go. Also with your membership you'll get a 30 pounder your within the first 90 days of joining CAG!* No guarantee on a 30 pounder! Lol
  7. (MD) Mad Chummer

    Carp Rod Blanks

    I might be able to help you.
  8. (MD) Mad Chummer


    Great deal!
  9. (MD) Mad Chummer

    5 Stainless Steel Banksticks

    5 Stainless Steel Banksticks 3-Chub Stainless Steel (chunky) 1-20 in., 1-16 in., & 12 in. A few dings. In Good condition. 1-Chunky Stainless Steel 12 inch A few dings. In Good condition. 1-Stainless Steel might be an old Solar 32 inch I would like $65 plus shipping.
  10. (MD) Mad Chummer

    2 MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 TC

  11. (MD) Mad Chummer

    2 MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 TC

    That's for 2.
  12. (MD) Mad Chummer

    2 MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 TC

    NEW Lowered price!!!! $75 plus shipping.
  13. (MD) Mad Chummer

    2 MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 TC

    FOR SALE: $115 plus shipping. Selling for a friend do to a recent upgrade. Used for a 3 or 4 months. Used once a week. 2 MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 TC Bonus! Bonus! butt section of MAD Detonator 12 ft 3.5 tc and a 3 t.c. tip section. #bigsandwichwhilewaitingforthecarp
  14. (MD) Mad Chummer


    Sorry to hear bud. How long ago did you buy the alarms?
  15. (MD) Mad Chummer

    Dunkel & Possum Marijuana Day Carping

    Oh I forgot. Dunkel I'll send you my address for you to send me the peanut butter glue and recipe. Thanks.