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  1. ChicagoCarpAngler

    Lincoln Park Rowing Canal NO FISHING?

    There is two ponds in Lincoln Park! South pond is by zoo and farm while North pond is where there's fly fishing club years ago. That is both ponds closed to fishing. I think for restocking to give fish time to grow but maybe closed forever for safe or people pollution water. Long canal from Diversey Harbor should be open!
  2. Nice pictures! Great job! Can you picture of the lake with mark all letters so we can see where is the area! Thanks!
  3. ChicagoCarpAngler

    peas...an effective change bait for corn?

    I used Mazies, Chick peas, pinto beans and blackeye beans. All are good for me! Just don't do over cooked otherwise bait become too soft! I use all on hair rig is no problem!
  4. NICE report! Everyone have good time!
  5. Wow! NICE pictures! E1 and F4 look good spot to take wife to fish!
  6. Frank...... Good information! I know about 9 carp over 20 pounds and maybe a 30 out there but they are not stupid! Good luck everyone!
  7. ChicagoCarpAngler

    NACA Q4 PRINTED Mail arrivals!

    I got it today! Great magazine! I notice is lack of advertising and you might make some money from advertising and classified. Maybe something like 50 cents per word for classified. Overall the magazine is great!
  8. ChicagoCarpAngler

    NACA Q4 PRINTED Mail arrivals!

    So far I don't get a magazine yet!
  9. ChicagoCarpAngler

    2015 around Chicago.

    I agree but I noticed that Carp get bigger and bigger than ever before! I remember years ago that 20 lbs is not common until the water is more clean than ever before and IDNR survey that there is 76 kind of fish in the river and canal. Plenty of food as zebra mussels, snails, crayfish, clams and small fish for Carp! Many miles without a dam and plenty of room so I am sure that 40 pounds is out there!
  10. ChicagoCarpAngler

    2015 around Chicago.

    Pretty good year for me in 2015! Two 30 pounds and few 25lbs Carp around Chicago area. About 16 Carp over 20 lbs. My daughter Jennifer caught a nice Butterfly Carp from the Rock River in Dixon. I am looking forward for big fish this new year!
  11. ChicagoCarpAngler

    FFF 2016 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures Here!

    OH! I don't see that 2015 in photo! Thanks! By the way that you caught fish yesterday! Good job!
  12. ChicagoCarpAngler

    FFF 2016 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures Here!

    Jim Rink....GOOD JOB! I thought that water is dirty from lot of rain not long ago!
  13. Thank you for let me know.... up to 35 dollars.... WOW! Nothing is free in Chicago! I went to the Zoo long time ago and free parking! Years ago I can park right under Lake Shore Drive bridge and walk to fish the Chicago River. Not anymore! Chicago knew that lot of tourists come to Chicago mean more money in their pockets!