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  1. Had a great time at Cowan this weekend. Loads of fish were caught during the night bite with an occasional take during the day. Average size was probably around 15lbs with the biggest being 24+ caught by John Mayer. I believe there were 6+ 20's caught between all of us and a couple bruiser size Channel Cats. (It was definitely the biggest Channel I've ever caught.) The weather was pretty good almost all weekend even with the little bit of rain we got on Saturday morning. We didn't go hungry during this fish-in. Burgers, sausages, hot dogs, pasta salad, chips, cookies, etc etc kept us going all day and into the night. Thanks to everyone who made it out this weekend. Cowan has fished VERY well this year and I'd definitely like to see it on the 2019 schedule. The next fish-in is on the Huron River at Lake Erie on September 28th-30th. I expect a very sizable turnout this time around. Look forward to seeing everyone then!
  2. Due to high grass in the designated fish-in area, it has been moved to Cowan Lake. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Unnamed+Road,+Wilmington,+OH+45177/@39.3814291,-83.8903657,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x8840c3ca781ba931:0x6072d48d208f4e3c!2sCowan+Lake!3b1!8m2!3d39.3864372!4d-83.902951!3m4!1s0x8840c3b330e66ceb:0xf4de39fc2fe9e4ea!8m2!3d39.381427!4d-83.8892714
  3. Venue: Jackson City Reservoir (Hammertown Lake) Date/Time: Aug 17 at 7 AM to Aug 19 at 12 PM Directions: https://www.google.com/maps/dir//39.051188,-82.68411/@39.0518567,-82.6868307,1048m/data=!3m1!1e3 We had a break in July but now it's time to get back on the bank. Hammertown Lake is a new venue for CAG Ohio so I hope to have a good turnout. Bobby Oney is fairly experienced on this lake and has caught fish just shy of 20lbs. If we get a number of anglers fishing for a weekend there is a good possibility to break that 20lb mark. No one has done an overnighter here, but I would imagine you can get by with an open face shelter. Be advised, there are no bathrooms. Plan accordingly I would be up for a Saturday cookout as well so we can decide on the specifics closer to the scheduled date Feel free to post up any questions and Bobby and I will do our best to answer. See you on the bank!
  4. Plenty of fish were caught over the weekend at Huron. I arrived on Friday morning at 7am, but cut my trip short on Saturday evening. Friday was pretty much exhausting for me as I never really got much time to sit down and relax. Between catching, baiting, and talking to people, I was wore out. I'd guess there were easily over 150 fish caught from Friday morning until Sunday at noon. It's one of those places where you can't put in enough bait. I even tried to be selective with the size of fish, but that didn't work. Big bait, big fish? Nope! I did a 5 stack of Trilogy King Korn and even the Buffalo wanted in on a piece of the action with their small mouths. I believe the biggest fish was caught by Kelly Mook at 23+lbs. As good as the fish-in was, I feel like this needs to be held in mid to late May before the spawn. If not in May then keep it during the Fall when the fish are starting to fatten up Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the haulfest! Our next fish-in is August 17th-19th - Jackson City Reservoir (Hammertown Lake).
  5. Location: Huron River - Lake Erie Date/Time: 6/8/18 7am - 6/10/18 12pm Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/NPExxzrJCYU2 A 6 foot net handle can be used to net fish but something longer will make it easier. Releasing the fish with a sling and 2 dog leash clips attached to a rope is a good idea, but not absolutely necessary. I will have mine so anyone fishing around me is welcome to use. Many big fish have been caught at this venue. Countless 20's and even a couple over 30. Bring plenty of bait and when you think you have enough, bring more. There is enough room for about 12 people on the grassy area and if more come we can always overflow down the pier. If you do attend please allow 3 "spaces" between the next angler. You'll know what I mean when you arrive. If my calculations were correct it will allow 12 people. There is a Comfort Inn literally 30 seconds from the fishing location or a Motel 6 five minutes away. I've stayed in the Motel 6 twice and have had good experiences. The Motel 6 also has many fast food restaurants around. Staying in a bivvy is at your own risk as I don't know if it is allowed or not.
  6. Back from another great event in Ohio! The Cowan Lake fish-in / Jetson Bates Memorial was a huge success. We had around 15 anglers come out over the course of the 3 days to compete for the title of CARPGOD and potentially place their name on the trophy. There were also a few spectators who came out to check out all the action. The weather was just about perfect the entire time minus a few showers and a thunderstorm that rolled through Saturday evening. We really couldn't have ask for a better weekend. Friday fishing started off around 7:30am when I arrived. I was met by Rick Cox who was just starting to unload his gear. I was able to land the first fish which came in at a whopping three pounds. It had to be weighed; I wanted my name on the trophy again! Rick Cox quickly upped the ante with a 13lb scrapper. After that, it was a constant battle between Clayton and I for the big fish title. It must have changed 6-7 times between Friday and Saturday. Friday night into Saturday morning was a pretty decent haulfest. I got very little sleep, but was able to catch a few z's during some down time on Saturday. Most of the people started arriving Saturday morning and begin catching fairly quickly. Shawn Adkins managed a 26lber which took the title from Clayton for a brief period of time, but was regained shortly thereafter with a 27lb 2oz. The big fish held into Sunday so Clayton is the CARPGOD for 2018! This fish-in resulted in 50+ fish caught and around ten 20's banked. It's almost unheard of to have that sort of action at Cowan. It will go down as one of the better fish-ins I've ever been apart of. Thanks to everyone who made it out! Thanks to Bambi and Clayton for feeding us on Saturday evening! Thanks to Nate for putting together the short video from all the action that occurred on Friday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8CSVQJZ6hI Keep an eye out for a new angler that will be joining us in the coming months! Our next fish-in is June 8-10th on the Huron River in Huron, Ohio. See you on the bank!
  7. Cowan Lake / 2nd Annual Jetson Bates Memorial Starts: May 18th 7:00am Ends: May 20th 12:00pm In remembrance of Jetson Bates, the “CARPGOD” trophy will be awarded to the largest Common/Mirror Carp caught between 5/18 7am – 5/20 12pm. You must have a witness of the weighed fish and a picture. If you get there Friday and no one is around, please sack the fish until someone arrives. We have never really had a problem with shelters at Cowan Lake in the past. Please make sure they are open face and not a tent. (Umbrella style shelters are preferred). We will also be having a cookout on Saturday. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/K4EudiNY5pp If you have any questions please feel free to post them here. See everyone on the bank!
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    I can't find the ATC leaderboard!

    Here you go. https://tourneyx.com/app/tourney/2018-austin-team-championship/
  9. Venue: East Harbor State Park Date: April 13th-15th 2018 Directions: https://goo.gl/LkcKoV Camping is available in the park, however, there is no camping on the bank. Open faced shelters are allowed. The park ranger often patrols at night and as long as you're awake while bankside they don't have any issues. A restroom is available in the area as well as a covered picnic area. Hotels and restaurants are within close driving distance to the venue but most of us just get a campsite which is within easy walking distance of the bank. Campsites generally run about $27 a night for primitive camping. One problem with East Harbor is if you have strong westerly winds for a few days the water can empty out. One week prior to the event a "best guess" weather decision will be made and an alternate location selected and announced here. If you have any questions feel free to post them up and I will try my best to answer them. See everyone in April!
  10. (OH) Vinsanity

    Marchin carp!

    It's always amazing to see some of the deformities these fish have. Everything from "broke backs," one/no eyes, messed up mouths, you name it. They still manage to find a way to live.
  11. (OH) Vinsanity

    2018 CAG Ohio - Social

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone! Can't wait for East Harbor!
  12. (OH) Vinsanity

    March 4th canal fishing

    Nice looking fish. Hopefully the net wasn't packed up!
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    2018 CAG Ohio - Social

    Anytime! Good to see you again and hope to see you at East Harbor.
  14. (OH) Vinsanity

    2018 CAG Ohio - Social

    Another great year and turnout for the 2018 Ohio CAG Social! There were 23 people who showed up from all parts of Ohio. We awarded our big fish medals from 2017, presented the Jetson Bates Memorial “CARPGOD” trophy, finalized our 2018 Ohio CAG schedule, and raffled off a bunch of gear. 2017 Ohio CAG Big Fish medals: 1st Common - Vince Shiflet - 23 lbs 2oz (Urbana) 2nd Common - Craig Welch - 21 lbs 10oz (Huron) 3rd Common - Rod Mills - 21 lbs 7oz (Huron) 1st Mirror - Sean Stone - 16lbs 1oz (Rocky Fork) (Sean, I will give you your medal the next time I see you) 2017 Jetson Bates Memorial Trophy: Vince Shiflet - Rocky Fork Lake - 18lbs 4oz I want to give a huge thanks to Dave McManus for his work on the “CARPGOD” trophy. It really does look amazing and I very much look forward to the future tournaments. I think Dave mentioned there is enough real estate for 35+ years of plaque placement so if you win this traveling trophy please be kind to it! 2018 Ohio CAG Schedule: March 3rd – Social @ BW3’s on Bethel Road. April 13th-15th - East Harbor May 5th & 6th - Thomas Daugherty Memorial CAG Midwest Regionals May 18th-20th - Cowan Lake (Jetson Bates Memorial) June - Lake Milton (tentative) July - None August 17th-19th - Jackson City Reservoir September 28th-30th - Huron River October 19th-21st - Rayland Marina November 2nd-4th - Huron River The raffle was a huge success and it seems like it gets better and better every year. Some of the larger items raffled off were rod holdalls/quivers (Chub and Fox), Diem XL Chair, Fox Brolly, Fox Bivvy, Diem Scale, Diem Landing Mat, and tons of other gear and bait. With the amount of money raised this year next year’s raffle will be even bigger! Be sure to attend one of the CAG events in 2018 for your chance to win one of the larger item at the 2019 Ohio CAG Social. Thanks to everyone that made the trip! We have a great group here in Ohio and I hope to build on that this year. If you’ve never been to a fish-in I recommend you come by just to see what it’s all about even if you don’t plan to fish. There are plenty of carp anglers that are willing to help and we are very generous with our tackle and knowledge. I look forward to seeing everyone on the bank in 2018. Thanks again!
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    Never fished the Licking River, usually stuck to the big river (Muskingum). Dillon Lake is also a good place for numbers