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  1. Friday started off with Craig and I arriving on location around 830am. The rain started just after 9 and didn't stop until noon. I caught many fish during this period and had concerns of actually running out of bait early if the bite kept up A number of anglers showed up a bit later in a day and also quickly got into fish. Fishing continued into the night with the biggest fish coming in at 17lbs. That was later upped to 19lbs from Josh and Craig. Saturday rolled around and the rest of the anglers arrived. We had around 14 anglers which is one of the biggest fish-ins in quite awhile. Craig managed a 21 lber which turned out to be the big fish for the event Unfortunately a 768 foot ship full of gravel entered the river and totally killed the bite. It turned the river brown and had a horrible smell. Fishing was pretty much over at 6pm as no fish were around while the ship was moored. Sunday morning started off a bit slow but quickly built up speed. Everyone mostly left around noon, but Deon, Christian and Katie stuck around. Deon did manage a 23lber after the fish-in was over so unfortunately it didn't count towards the top 3 big fish medals. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Huron River. We will be back sometime next year. I was considering holding the Jetson Bates Memorial there in May to give those people from the north a chance to participate. Our next fish-in is in Urbana November 3-5th. I still need to get confirmation from John Mayer that we are a go.
  2. What are Some Good Carp Waters in Ohio?

    When will you be in Ohio? We are having a fish-in this weekend up at Lake Erie.
  3. Ohio is going back to the Huron River on October 6-8! With the recent success from the previous fish-in and other members fishing it on their own, I've decided to switch Shoreline to Huron.A 6 foot net handle can be used to net fish but something longer will make it easier. Releasing the fish with a sling and 2 dog leash clips attached to a rope is a good idea, but not absolutely necassary. I will have mine so anyone fishing around me is welcome to use.There have been four 20's caught in a limited number of sessions.Bring plenty of bait and when you think you have enough, bring more.Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Asv2yq8pPHR2There is enough room for about 12 people on the grassy area and if more come we can always overflow down the pier. If you do attend please allow 3 "spaces" between the next angler. You'll know what I mean when you arrive. If my calculations were correct it will allow 12 people.There is a Comfort Inn literally 30 seconds from the fishing location or a Motel 6 five minutes away. I've stayed in the Motel 6 twice and have had good experiences. The Motel 6 also has many fast food restaurants around. Staying in a bivvy is at your own risk as I don't know if it is allowed or not.
  4. What are Some Good Carp Waters in Ohio?

    It was a Grass carp. I've seen Commons over 20+ as well. All these fish were caught by carp anglers and released safely.
  5. What are Some Good Carp Waters in Ohio?

    It gets fished fairly often, but a place for big Commons and Grassers (I've seen one at 57lbs) is Wingfoot Lake. It's 45 minutes away.
  6. What are Some Good Carp Waters in Ohio?

    I guess the next question is, how far are you willing to drive? Lakes I have fished are little ways away.
  7. What are Some Good Carp Waters in Ohio?

    Ohio is a pretty big state. Where will you be staying? City?
  8. What a weekend of Carp fishing! Friday evening, I put some bait in the water to keep the Carp feeding throughout the night until we were ready to fish at sunrise. Saturday morning it was just Rod and I. Within 15 minutes of getting all the rods out we had 4 fish on the bank. The action was insane for 2-3 hours until it slowed down to a few fish per hour. Shawn and Courtney showed up a little later in the morning but went out on the pier to look for some game fish. They stuck around long enough to have a welcomed lunch made by the chef himself, Rod Mills. He was kind enough to bring all those who attended T-bone steaks with potatoes and green beans. Aren’t you bummed out you didn’t show now? Well, it was brauts and hot dogs with chips, close enough. Thanks Rod! Dick and Richie showed up later in the day and got their rods in the water. Both managed fish and Richie caught his personal best Buffalo. It went 18lbs and was the first time I saw someone catch a Bigmouth Buffalo in person; most of the time they are Smallmouth. Dick even managed a couple carp with his 6 foot rods and Mitchell 300’s. He was using a puff obtained by the puffdaddy himself, Rob Shiflet. I gave Dick some of my puffs so hopefully I hear about him catching fish on them in 2024. We fished until 6pm and headed back to the hotel for a shower and bite to eat. Later in the evening I went back to the river and dumped more bait to get us ready for Sunday morning. Sunday morning was more of the same, fast action and 4 fish on the bank in 12 minutes. Josh, Kelly and Annie showed up and it wasn’t long before they got in on the fun. Kelly and Annie caught their first carp at 17lbs 14oz and 12lbs 4oz, respectively. Biggest fish went to Rod at 21lbs 7 oz while most of the other fish were in the 8-17lb range. I wouldn’t be surprised if we put 60+ fish on the bank. I’ll have a counter the next time we hold an event on the river. We put on quite a show for the boats and passerby’s. Boat traffic was somewhat annoying at times, but most people kept their distance. There was no need to cast so dropping it right over the edge kept the lines out of the props. Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a perfect weekend and loads of fish were caught. This will be on the schedule next year for sure. Thanks Shawn for giving me the idea! Our next fish-in is October 6-8 at Shoreline Park on Lake Erie. Hope to see everyone there!
  9. Ohio has a Fish-in scheduled at the mouth of the Huron River on Lake Erie September 16th 7am to the 17th 6pm. This will be the first fish held at this location which consists of long concrete path (cart friendly) with loads of room for anglers. A long handled net will be needed as the water tends to fluctuate in depth depending on the wind. I fished a location just to the south and the depth changed 1.5-2 feet over the course of two days. A strong north wind brought the water up on the first day but subsided on the second. I will also bring my large pier net and weigh sling with ropes to release fish if need be. If you don't have a long handled net, I'm sure there will be plenty of carp anglers that could help you out when you get a fish. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Asv2yq8pPHR2 I've asked Deon to get a few pictures before the fish-in since I forgot to do so while there. There is a Comfort Inn literally 30 seconds from the fishing location or a Motel 6 five minutes away. I've stayed in the Motel 6 twice and have had good experiences. The Motel 6 also has many fast food restaurants around. My recent fishing trip produced a lot of fish in quick succession after heavy baiting and my biggest fish was over 20lbs. The potential for fish over 30 or even 40 is possible at Lake Erie. The more Carp anglers we have at these types of events, the better chance we have at catching something HUGE! If you have any questions please post below or send me a message. Hope to see everyone there!
  10. Self Photos with Your Smartphone

    Another thing you may consider is a Bluetooth shutter button. It's a very small watch battery powered device that pairs with your cell phone. They are very cheap on eBay and has greatly improved my carp "selfies." http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wireless-Remote-Control-Bluetooth-Selfie-GO-Camera-Shutter-for-Monopod-US-iPhone-/292136573603?epid=1543253181&hash=item4404b25aa3:g:m0kAAOSw-3FZL7N0 Notice the shutter button between my thumb and index finger. Shutter button is hidden behind the fish
  11. Had a great time on the Scioto River in Columbus for our August fish-in. Everyone caught fish and even a couple surprises showed up along the way. Biggest fish went to Phil, but he didn't want to touch it. Can you guess what it was? Smallmouth Buffalo! I did the honors and got a pic followed by a thorough washing of my hands in the water. Lunch hit the spot with a variety of meats, sides and even some dessert. I didn't expect a huge turnout due to summertime and the size of fish, but I think the Scioto still holds some gems. You just gotta wade through a number of small fish to get one. Thanks to everyone who showed up today! (Lynn Newsome, Karen, Phil Davenport, Keith Hawkes, and Scott Erlenwein)
  12. It's changed quite a bit since then! They removed a the Main street dam which narrowed the river quite a bit and a bunch of land was reclaimed. They are also finishing up a 23,300 feet tunnel to help with the combine sewage overflow. https://www.columbus.gov/utilities/projects/OARS-Deep-Sewer-Tunnel/
  13. Hello all! As you know the Antrim fish-in will be moved to the Scioto River downtown. The new location gives us plenty of room to spread out and can hold many anglers. This will be a one day event starting at 6am and ending at 6pm. Lot's of fish can be caught so bring plenty of bait. The fish tend to run on the smaller side but the Scioto can always bring a surprise big fish or even buffalo.The location closest to parking on Mcdowell has a bit of a steep hill to get down to somewhat level ground near the edge of the water. Fishing this location may require water shoes or muck boots due to the vegetation growing along the bank. If you walk along the path (cart friendly) to the north, the bank levels out and it is much easier to get to the water.I would advise bringing some sort of umbrella or 10x10 to keep out of the sun since there is no shade around.Location: https://goo.gl/maps/uQU6r4wj24J2If you have any questions feel free to post below or send a me message. I hope we have a big turnout!
  14. CAG Ohio - Exploration July 15th, 2017

    You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find spots that have never been carp fished by the group here in Ohio. That's the objective of this event, Most of the lakes have been explored in the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Akron/Cleveland area. Northwest and southeast Ohio are areas that are relatively unexplored mainly because we have no members local.