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  1. It’s time! Let’s do this! Who’s in?! Fri Nov 16 - Sun Nov 18 Come out to Emma Long and enjoy some laughs, stories, fish, and some cold beverages! Booking: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/emma-long-metropolitan-park I will be giving out medals for the biggest 3 carp! What I won’t be doing is losing my keys in the middle of the lake. Hey August, can I borrow your boat?! 😜
  2. (TX) djkleen02

    TourneyX Registration Required by all Anglers

    Ok, no problem. Chances are you are already in there. I’ll check to make sure, and all else fails, we’ll get you sorted at the corn boil!
  3. (TX) djkleen02

    ATC Itinerary

    Our pleasure, man. See you soon!
  4. If you haven’t already... **Leaderboard Registration Required** We need to get all registered anglers to go the following site, and register as an angler: https://tourneyx.com/app/register/angler Feel free to put a pic and a bio, if you want, but not necessary. You can also type in your sponsors, and upload an image. Leave the Angler Subscription box UNCHECKED, and make sure to agree to the terms of service. After you have registered your account, you can find the 2018 Austin Team Championship, under TEAM TOURNAMENTS, and add yourself to the tournament. Thank you for your cooperation. 😜 Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. (TX) djkleen02

    ATC Itinerary

    **2018 ATC Itinerary** Wed Mar 21st - Corn Boil: 3pm-8pm - Team Registration, Team Photos, Bucket Pick-up, Food, Drinks, Chit-Chat, Scale Certification, T-Shirt pickup, Tournament Briefing, etc. Thur Mar 22nd - Day 1: 5:30am-6am - Peg Draw 7am-7pm - Fishing 7pm-8pm - Turn in Scorecards Fri Mar 23rd - Day 2: 5:30am-6am - Peg Draw 7am-7pm - Fishing 7pm-8pm - Turn in Scorecards 8pm-11pm - Dinner at Threadgill's and Awards Ceremony
  6. (TX) djkleen02


    Here is the 2018 list of sponsors! Thanks so much to each one of them. We couldn't put on this amazing event every year without each and every one of you! Anglers, please consider these companies first on your next tackle/gear/bait purchases! The Carp Anglers Group Austin Carp Angler Headwater Photography Quickprint of Weatherford Big Carp Tackle Deeper American Carp Society Treaty Oak Brewing & Distilling Trilogy Carp Baits World Carp Masters Korda Developments American Carp Gear Trakker Products Cygnet Tackle Aqua Products CC Moore & Co Ltd TourneyX.com K-1 BAITS CarpPro Texas Guide Service The Carp Angler Magazine CarpOholics Anonymous Dale Hollow Carp Adventures Rx Johnson Ross Tackle - USA CARPology Magazine Mid-state Carpers of Illinois Linear Bait Co. Rod Hutchinson Austin Bait Company Wacker Bait & Tackle
  7. (TX) djkleen02

    Scales and Tourney Certification

    Yeah, I think Keith will be certifying with multiple weights this year. Thanks for the great idea!
  8. (TX) djkleen02

    2018 ATC T-Shirts

    Awesome. Glad you like it man! Definitely had to get me a couple too!
  9. (TX) djkleen02

    Scales and Tourney Certification

    **REMINDER - Scales* All teams must have a scale. All scales will be certified by Keith Thompson at the Corn Boil, on Wed March 21st, from 3pm - 8pm. Scale certification stickers will be stuck to the back of all scales. Teams with a peg next to them will have their weights verified by a member of the neighboring team, and then they will sign the scorecard. Teams in a remote peg will need to call a marshal to verify their weights (ph numbers provided at peg draw). All weight verifiers must make sure that the weigh sling is tared on the scale prior to weighing the fish. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
  10. (TX) djkleen02

    Still missing a partner?

    Just a heads up... There are still a few teams that don’t have a partner yet, and there are teams on the waiting list. If you are still unsure of who your teammate will be, you may want to consider teaming up with another angler without a partner, so we can open up another spot. If you are considering dropping out, please let us know ASAP, so we can get another team on board. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  11. (TX) djkleen02

    2018 ATC T-Shirts

    2018 ATC T-shirts are now available for purchase! They will be available for pickup at the corn boil, or you can have it shipped for an extra $5. All shipped orders will be fulfilled after the ATC. http://bit.ly/2C0bAH5 Cutoff date for t-shirt purchases will be March 12th. We're excited to announce that Uncommon Common Screen Printing will be making this years t-shirts, and we would like to thank Scott Ferguson for all his help!
  12. (TX) djkleen02


    Yeah, no doubt. Great idea! I think that would definitely make the weights more accurate. I will pass this info to Keith, and see if we can implement something. Thanks, Christian!
  13. (TX) djkleen02

    CAG Newsletter - December 2017

    Fantastic! Thanks!
  14. (TX) djkleen02

    Extra Banquet Dinners HERE!!!

    Get your extra Awards Banquet dinners HERE for $25, for any friends or family that will be joining us. The more, the merrier!
  15. (TX) djkleen02

    Awards Banquet Dinner Info

    This year, our banquet dinner and awards ceremony will be held at one of the best local joints in Austin! South location 301 West Riverside Dr. Austin, TX 78704 (Near S. 1st St. swim) Website Anglers will choose from the following options on the night of the banquet dinner: Entrees: (Choose 1) Chicken Fried Steak Fried Catfish Grilled Chicken Breast 5 Vegetable Plate Sides: (Choose 2) Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Red Beans and Rice Garlic Cheese Grits Fried Okra Corn OFF the Cob Dessert: (Choose 1) Peach Cobbler Banana Pudding Drinks included: sodas, tea, coffee, and water. **Cash bar available for beer and cocktails.** Extra persons will be $25 for the same choices seen above. Link coming soon!