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  1. great read. Still lucky enough to have my mom and every Sunday is mothers day at my place
  2. Dead forum

    last ontario fish in was in 2014 if I remember correctly. If I had to guess, no one wants to renew a membership to a club that does not exist anymore. All of the prolific posters in Ontario from years past are simply not members any longer.
  3. Great day at Lake

    Those mirrors are gems. Nice captures all around.
  4. Quick Drags

    I have too many reels. Don't really care for quick drag. My Shimano medium baitrunners get the most use for the water i fish most often, still use my old 3500B reels in tighter quarters or on smaller water. My ultegra XTCs have been relegated to my spod and marker rods.
  5. Has Anyone Fished Dale Hollow Lake?

    heck its 12 hours for me and after that video i wanna fish it!
  6. Asheville area carp

    Although I am not familiar with the area or the water you speak of, sounds like a perfect opportunity for a baiting campaign.
  7. Rig help

    check out the blowback rig. Great for bottom baits, popup baits or critically balanced. It's pretty much all I use unless float fishing or needing to fish over chod or weed.
  8. River vs lake/pond

    i think tactics differ greatly between the two, depending on the flow rate in the river. The most obvious difference being that your chum does not necessarily end up where you put it when baiting up. Watercraft skills are more important when river fishing IMO, especially if the venue is new to you.
  9. Bite indication without an alarm

    listen for your baitrunner singing
  10. Hair Rig Tangle Suggestions.

    without seeing your rig, i'm guessing the hair may be too long.
  11. River carping frustration!

    +1 on the longer rods, 40-50 yards easily attainable with a 12 footer and big pit reel. I fish a river with moderate flow and periodically lots of moss throughout the entire water column. A backlead will keep the line out of the water column. I use the fox captive backlead (no affiliation with the company) Very helpful piece of kit for river fishing once you get comfortable with using them. Keeping the rod tips high are helpful too.
  12. Blankety Blank on Peir 8.

    Can't answer about the zigs Mike, but I blanked at pier 8 last week too...I feel your pain
  13. WTB. Shimano 4500b bait runners

    they're out there, mine still get regular use in my rotation! Even with more modern big pit reels in my collection I would be hard pressed to part with mine.
  14. RBG at it again

    RBG has been doing this for years nothing ever happens imo
  15. Custom carp rods?

    There are people who would never dream of paying to have a custom built. There are people who own custom rods and can appreciate the improvement in feel, overall quality and performance over a factory rod and can realize the value in owning a custom build I'm the second kind of person, I own several customs. With that being said, couldn't justify having a rod built that spends most of its time sitting on a pod or bankstick and very little actual time in my hands. My two cents Jeff