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  1. With Fall fast approching I would like to share with you guys a collection of photos that have been captured over the course of this summer by myself and my friends and family. Honestly they are all closer to family. All the fish pictured with the exception of the mirrors are 20lb-36lb. It has been an awesome summer with some steller results every time we have hit the bank. I am very thankful to be able to enjoy these beautiful fish that we all love with some of the best people i could ask to share the bank with. Unfortunately i dont go on CAG as much as i used to which is why this post is so pic heavy. I hope you guys enjoy and i wish you all the best of luck this Fall!
  2. An Amazing Summer of Fishing Lake MI.

    Cristian, im going to try my absolute best to make it down there for the ATC this year. Two years of not going down killed me. You and your bro have held onto the trophy for long enough time to bring it back to MI muhahaha lol ?
  3. For those of you not on Facebook, we created a video of our week long session on Dale Hollow this spring. I hope you guys enjoy, and let us know what you think!
  4. New Memeber SW MI

    Welcome to the group! Most of the core group of Michigan is located somewhere around Detroit. However there are a group of us that venture over to the west side on a decent basis.
  5. My 2015 season is starting off with a bang! I have captured another new PB and already my 8th carp over 30lb with this stunning 40lb 2oz Michigan Record Mirror!! And a fully scaled to boot. My father and I have been working extremely hard this year in order to make this PB possible. I would like to thank Bogdan, Mihai, and Istvan at K1 Baits! Without you guys this would never have been possible. With the help of K1 Baits we have been, and will continue baiting this new venue. This has been an exhausting campaign as this venue is over three hours and 200+ miles away from home. But it's results like these that make it all worthwhile! This fish just goes to show that hard work and a diligent baiting campaign using top quality baits will pay off. Again thank you K1 Baits for making this possible and believing in our efforts!! without further ado here is my reward for all the hard work, a true stunner in my eyes. 40lb 2oz of Michigan Record Mirror!!

    Sorry guys just now seeing these replys. A massive baiting campaign was used involving several key elements. The first and in my opinion most important element was quality k1 baits boilies, the second was range cubes (absolute gold to any baiting campaign imho), and the third was a quality mix of particals containing maiz, chicken feed, whole oats, Rolled oats, sweet feed pellets, crack corn, sweet corn, and panko bread crumbs. this was added in every two days at about 60-70 pounds a pop for over a month before seeing the first signs of life on this particularly small water. The head of fish is just so small that to get them activly feeding to a point where we could catch them we had to have nearly the entire population in front of us at once lol. After doing this campaign and starting off with my hopes of success so low and then haveing it work out so well my opinion is that you can catch from Literally any water in the usa that has an active head of carp in it if you are persistent and use the right bait.
  7. Carp of the Month May 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membership

    Extremely rare big Michigan fully scaled mirror that ended up going 28lb 8oz and was a new mi PB!
  8. The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    Absolute haulfest down here I'm up to about 20 fish myself today and pops is about matching me.
  9. Starting 2015 Out Right

    If there is one thing I have learned in life, it's that if your not going to go for broke, you mine as well not go at all. And when my girlfriend Courtnie and I planned this trip.... we defintly had this thought lingering in the back of our mind. With that in mind I ramped everything up. Instead of a week long trip let's do three, instead of 20 pounds of boilies let's take 90, instead of a couple hundred bucks to explore the beautiful state of Tennessee let's take a grand. My thought's preparing for this trip were, let's live it up while we are young and we still can! This is the time in our lives for small paychecks and big adventures. The bucket list is gathering more checks and the bank acount is receiving fewer. With everything spinning in my head trying to prepare for what is most certainly my biggest adventure to date, the one thing that was not hard to decide was the venue. Dale Hallow has been in my crosshairs for quite a long time, and most certainly on my bucket list. With the venue chosen... and everything in order, nothing stood in our way but an eight hour drive with a Suburban fit to burst with gear. When we planed the trip we figured we would fish about half the time we were there, and adventure the other half. So this left about a week and a half to break PB's and have the time of our lives. Well let me tell you boys and girls, that is what we did. In the time we were there we broke three PB's, caught five fish over 30, and had an absolute blast... on and off the water. The fish worth listing went 35lb 4oz, 34lb 14oz, 31lb 0oz, 30lb 10oz, 30lb 1oz, 29lb 2oz, and 27lb 6oz. We spent time on the bank with some of the absolute hands down best company we could ask for, and I could not even tell you how many laughs we had in our down time. Overall this was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I would like to think I have learned and grown from this trip, and moving forward with the rest of this year, I may not top these last few weeks, but I'm darn sure going to try my best. Here's to a great 2015 for everyone!Tight lines, wet nets, and screaming drags... Go get em boys. 34lb 4oz PB Mirror And there she goes off to fight another day!
  10. Carp of the Month April 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membershi

    35lb 4oz "Two-Tone" common.. My biggest from the Dale hollow trip!
  11. Carp of the Month April 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membershi

    30lb 10oz Personal Best for Courtnie!
  12. Carp of the Month April 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membershi

    Beautiful apple slice scales on this nice mirror for Courtnie.
  13. Carp of the Month April 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membershi

    New Personal Best 34lb 14oz Mirror, and a nice looking FSM to boot.
  14. Carp of the Month April 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membershi

    Courtnie with one of the most beautiful fully scaled mirrors I have had the pleasure to lay eyes on.
  15. Carp of the Month March 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membershi

    Absolutely stunning personal best mirror for Courtnie, and a FSM to boot!!
  16. Carp of the Month March 2015 $100 BCT Voucher & CAG Membershi

    22+ Snow Carp for my girlfriend Courtnie. She outfished Austin and myself that day.
  17. Wooden Shoe Carp Classic 2015

    +3 im down
  18. I know Andy, feels the same way on my end! I can't wait to catch up with you and the rest of the guys, it should be a blast, im thinking of bring Courtnie and haveing her meet everyone.
  19. Michigan 2015 Events, locations and dates discussion

    I would love to see the old weekend camping trip on the sagnasty be brought back to life, idk the feasibility of it without conflicting dates of our other events or stacking two in a row back to back weekends but from the stories I have heard from the trips we had in the past it sounds like a blast. I know the other younger guys and I would be willing to help out with it any way we could.
  20. Oh you know im there, can't wait boys. I've got the carping bug bad... can not wait to get back at it hard this year.
  21. Carp of the Month - October

    New Personal Best in the Mid twenties
  22. Triple Crown?

    This is a post I know was brought up awhile back but I have not seen it talked about for some time. We all know the excitement of bringing in what we think is just any other common and getting something unexpected. Be it a mirror, grassier, buff, or something more far out there like bass or pike, we have all experienced the excitement when it breaks the surface for the first time. But what happens when you do it more than once in the same day? What happen when you triple up... catch a buff, grassier, and common.... or common, Mirror, Buff in the same day? Well that my friends is what you call a Triple Crown. And I want to see yours! Post under here pics of your guys best Triple Crown, I would love to see them. Here is my best Triple Crown from earlier this year during the ATC in the shape of a 41.0 PB Common, 54.10 Buff, and 51.10 PB Grassier.
  23. Triple Crown?

    Now that would be something!
  24. Wooden Shoe Carp Classic 2015

    Im in
  25. Carp of the Month - August

    My first Michigan 30+ pound Common this year, and not a hard one to look at either. Was really excited to finally get back after these big girls after some time away from fishing!