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  1. Congrats guys, thoroughly enjoyed reading all the great stories!
  2. Okay, officially done with winter already. BRING ON THE SPRING!!!!

    1. Austin


      Winter ended a while ago

    2. Brian Daugherty

      Brian Daugherty

      Austin your not my friend stop stalking me.

    3. Austin


      We are about to go into winter so you have to make a new status

  3. Finally reached my goal of 20 30's! What a season it has been!

  4. Mine was doing the exact same thing a few months back, but somehow I figured out how to get it back to normal. I think you had to enable HTML , and then press the button in the very top left of the tool bar, but I'm not entirely sure that is true, as it was like three months ago.
  5. New MI CAG Record at 37lb 8oz, Season of a lifetime!

  6. Wish you all the best Shawn, sorry to see you go. Really loved everything you contributed to CAG.
  7. Still Can't Believe We won the ATC

  8. My ipod does the same thing. idk
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