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  1. When the police were questioning you, that would be a good time for an alarm to go off. "Officer, how would you like to land this one? I'll get the net and scale."
  2. Were they able to release them after certification? Hope so then they can pass on the genes to other generations. Thanks for the news tip.
  3. Love it! I can put it on full screen and read it without having to scroll down and sideways. Thanks!!!!!!
  4. "And a good time was had by all!"
  5. Thanks for the info! Is the magazine available at book stores or do you have to belong to the IGFA? Good "ammunition" for presentation of carp as a game fish. Will note it for future reference.
  6. Tony Locke fishes Rome and does quite well. His worm mix is what he calls a worm cocktail.
  7. Welcome to the Wonder World of Carping! Not familiar with NC carping but others should be able to help.
  8. Got another idea. That's two in one day! Invite someone from the local paper to do an article on carp fishing. Let them put one on the mat and tell of the experience. That will do two things- you can fish and they can write about the fishing trip.
  9. It makes no sense to kill big fish of any species. First, you interfere with the gene pool. Quality Deer Management works on the idea of selective harvest- to let the bigger bucks pass on their genes to other bucks. Along the same line, let the bigger carp live and pass on their genes. This is the idea behind catch and release! How many bass tourneys keep bass to eat or toss in the trash? Second, if you keep killing off the big fish, the size of the fish diminishes over time. Third, it seems like they have a fear of what you can do regarding the status of carp. Their quote from ten years ago are the indication of their fear. Keep plugging away! I have the latest copy of BASS magazine. Chickamauga Lake (TN) is listed as one of the top 10 bass lakes in the US; also one of the top 100. The state record LM bass was caught there last year. Also, it is a great carp fishery. I have been told there have been 40s caught from the lake. Got it on my bucket list.
  10. Get out your phone and tell them, "Hey! Let's get a picture to show those big fish!" Or, watch them, get the license number and turn it in to the authorities.
  11. Lake St. Mary's near the towns of Celina and St. Mary's come to mind. The Maumee River goes through Toledo. Northeast OH has Berlin Lake (my uncle used to fish there), Lake Milton, Michael Kirwan Reservoir near Youngstown and Akron might be possibilities. Mosquito Creek near Warren. Pymatuming Reservoir has tons of carp, if I recall from days gone by. Not sure what size they would be. Good luck! To me, half of the fun of carping is scouting out new places. FWIW, I have one place that is in a wildlife management area. Two birds with one stone- hunting and carping.
  12. Sounds like a plan. AS a former resident of OH, I would think there are lots of lakes and rivers that would be good, provided there is access. FWIW, back just after the earth cooled, my father hooked a big carp on Big Walnut Creek where the barns for Scioto Downs are now. That was my uncle's farm. Dad yelled for the net but by the time I got there, the carp took one look at him, rolled and threw the hook. Good carping!
  13. Might be a bit off topic but relevant to another thread. These pictures show that carp are not necessarily detrimental to any particular environment but provide forage for other predators.
  14. Great story and thanks for posting!
  15. Addendum- MoCARP, I would write the MDC and pin them to the wall, asking specifically, why they wouldn't print your article. If carp are a viable resource, they could sell more fishing licenses.