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  1. John, my wife and I saw a sign in Hobby Lobby recently- May your coffee be strong and your Mondays be short!
  2. That is a nice mirror! Congrats on the PB. Five gallon bucket and a half gallon of International Delight Almond Joy creamer would be good.
  3. Barry, I consider the fish-in as a great success! Many thanks for setting up this semi-annual event at the park. It is nice to have a good place to fish and be close to the carpers for some social time. Friends both new and old, fish, food, and fun are the necessary ingredients for a great fish-in. Looking forward to the fall fish-in. Hopefully, it will be a bit cooler!
  4. Salacoa Creek State Park, just east of Calhoun, GA. It's about 10 miles east of I-75. Take the Redbud Road exit (Exit 312, State route 53) and go east. Look on the right for the entrance to the county landfill. The park has a big entry sign. Go to the boat ramp and look for all the guys with carping gear. It is a good area with lots of bank space. There will be some of us fishing Friday and baiting for Friday and Saturday. Join us. The state chair, Barry (needmotime2fish), will be having a hot dog lunch for the gang. Food, fish, friends, and fun are the necessary ingredients of a fish-in. Not necessarily in that order.
  5. Good times are priceless. Thanks for the story and photos. BTW, if you look in the dictionary, the word "fish" gives a description but doesn't mention anything about there being a size necessary for the definition to be valid.
  6. The only things I look at on FB are the CAG sections, woodworking videos, and underwater carp videos by Jerome Moisand. I do occasionally correspond with some college friends and members of a former church where I was associate pastor. But that is it. Hard not to get into any forum without joining. I have a booklet of websites and passwords.
  7. For details, please click on the event posted on the CAG Calendar on May 20 This will again be held at Salacoa Creek Park, located in Gordon County in northwestern Georgia. It is not a competition, it's a "fish for fun" event, and everyone is welcome. You do not need to be a CAG member to attend. The location, just 11 miles off I-75, makes it possible for anglers from parts of several other nearby states to attend if they wish (just remember that a valid GA license is required to fish -- available online). If you have any questions, PM me through this Forum or email me at bshildn@yahoo.com I hope to see you there. Hope this helps.
  8. My friend, you are in luck! Barry Shildneck, GA state chair, is hosting a fish-in May 20th at Salacoa Creek State Park. It is about 10 miles east of Calhoun, GA off Red Bud Road. There is a small fee for fishing/parking. I'll get details and add them to this post.
  9. Signed up. Now to catch four HUGE carp.
  10. Got some but having a time enlarging it so it would be more noticeable on camera.
  11. Tennessee is now at the starting gate- our state record is 53 lb. and was caught out of a 65 acre state managed lake. That is a bit over one pound per acre. Just think what is in Lake Chickamauga! Should go several tons. Need a bigger net! Tennessee has several lakes in central and west TN that are family oriented. They have some real good fishing. Going to try some this year.
  12. Hard for one person to take a photo while holding a big fish. I'll see if my fishing camera has a timer. Can put it on a tripod and run like #$%& to get in the picture. Need to experiment or take SWMBO carping. She got her permanent senior license recently. She can go fishing with me or stay home and clean house.
  13. Good idea. Need to figure out how to fly it at the house.
  14. Dunkel, nothing is as big as the fish almost caught.
  15. Tony, you are just looking for any excuse to go fishing. But someone has to do it. Interesting observation on bait, tackle, etc. If you had landed the rowing scull, wouldn't that be a new PB for that species?