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  1. Yeh, right?
  2. I use a regular measuring spoon to take the guesswork out of measuring. If you watch some of the cooking shows, the chefs don't measure the small quantities as salt, pepper, etc. SWMBO uses a recipe when she tries a new recipe but after that- add and taste.
  3. Got the answers I needed. Thanks for the reply, John. The website itself might not be secure but when you do a transaction, the group that handles the money transaction would be secure. I was told to look for the https prefix to the URL for verification.
  4. I found something disturbing this this morning. I had two sister websites that showed a lock with a red line through it. I took the computer to Staples and the techie said that the websites were not secure. He used the prefix of https:// with the website address. It came up that the websites were not secure. He advised not to use any personal information. I did this with about a dozen websites and the only one that was secure was my bank! Clicking on the small case "i" on the upper left showed CAG not to be secured. This bothers me as I am anticipating ordering some things fro the store. I'm reluctant to order anything now. Computer people and admins please address this issue. Thanks.
  5. Those would be fun on a light fly rod.
  6. I would think if you kept putting out small amounts of bait periodically, you would get carp hanging around. Bait it and they will come! Sounds like a movie title, huh? Sounds like a good location. Are you aware that I am up for adoption?
  7. Good thinking. I have a mat and can't remember where I got it or even the name without looking. It gets a workout. I'm always intrigued by bass anglers (I used to be one) that let a fish thrash around on carpet in the boat then lift them by the lower lip. Strange but tourney rules don't allow nets.
  8. Great first fish- one of many in the future. Good for the whole family to fish together. I recall many times my family and I fished together. We didn't know what carp fishing was all about in those days.
  9. Can't help but if Alabama is like Tennessee, bank space is rare. We have miles of lake shore but very few places to fish from the bank. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency lists a whole sackful on their website and even has a booklet listing them. I have visited some of them and they are the pits, some being nothing but dirt. I bought a one-man rack for loading my canoe. Going to try fishing some places by myself or taking SWMBO with me. Try Google Earth for some decent aerial views where there might be some places to fish. Dams will sometimes have walkways where you can fish but you have to climb down rocks during low water conditions. Good luck!
  10. I don't know of anyone who specifically carries tackle and other items for carp fishing. Some of the paylakes might carry some items. It is my observation that many in the SE look on carp as trash fish to be caught and thrown up on the bank to die. However, you are in luck as there are several active carp anglers in the Atlanta area. Barry Schildneck (needmotime2fish) is the state chair and hosts some fish-ins each year. He would be more in touch with your questions. I'm sure he will be contacting you when he reads this thread. Welcome to the USA and to the forum.
  11. Some of the restaurants I have eaten over the years, what was described as food would give a buzzard the dry heaves.
  12. That is a good price! I'm looking to mold my own.
  13. I second the motion!
  14. You know you are addicted when you go to the pet store AND take your carp gear to the big fish tank.
  15. You could always play "bucket biologist" and restock the lake.