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  1. possum, we can get canned corn at Aldi's grocery for 49 cents a can. In fact, they are the cheapest most of the time for a lot of bait ingredients. For instance, OI have about 9 bottles of light syrup for grits packbait. It has been stated that many carpers go into a store and look at what might work to catch a PB. I have some boilies I got with an order but never caught anything on them.
  2. Tennessee carp are not used to boilies or any carp bait for that matter. I have been told, also, that the fish need to be conditioned to them.
  3. Idea! Cut a rubber band and tie it on the rod between the reel and first guide. Stretch it and then pull a small loop of line through it and let the rubber band hold the loop in place. When you get a run, the loop will be pulled through and give you time to set the hook on a new PB! You don't want too much line that might get around the guide.
  4. I understand. Just don't bet on a horse named after a dog food.
  5. Paylakes, ah yes. I did a search for paylakes in NC and found a whole sackful of them. So many they were listed in bunches in alphabetical order. One was about two miles from where I lived in Salisbury. Tennessee has no paylakes with carp. What a shame.
  6. How about the Swannanoa River that goes right through town? The French Broad River is another that is practically downtown. My Asheville map shows Lake Julian south of the city off I-26 in the Skyland area. Get a city/county map; that should give you some ideas of where to fish. Contact the city parks office and ask them what are found in the ponds in the city. I emailed the same office in Dalton, GA and found two city parks with carp. Got them on the list for this year. Good luck and good fishing!
  7. Lake Wylie would be close, just west of Charlotte but not sure about public access as a lot of it is private land. Also, Lake Norman to the north off I-77. Worked with a guy who fished there. Good luck! And welcome to the USA.
  8. Could you draw a map for us?
  9. I have a couple more tips for you- stay out of dark alleys and don't play the horses.
  10. Just remember, there is no cure for carp addiction. Thanks for the story and the great pictures.
  11. Welcome to the forum. You are in a nice part of NC. Make a trip to Calabash, NC just across the state line on the Atlantic coast. Fresh seafood right off the boat!
  12. Just a bit of info. To keep from rebaiting with worm for bluegill, put on a small red & white bobber at the appropriate depth. Then tie on a cheap fly from Wally World or anywhere. Sometimes you can tie a piece of red cloth on a hook and get the same effect. If you need some weight, use a small split shot or even a snap swivel. Cast out and reel in slowly. Soon you will have more bluegill than you can carry. Fished this way in KY farm ponds. I didn't have to worry about keeping worms in hot weather. BTW, congrats on the 30 lb. common. Got one on the to-do list for this year.
  13. Looks like tons of fun! Good luck! Do any of you Buckeyes recall the times that the Cuyahoga River caught fire? Actually, three times in the 50s. You could walk from Ohio to Ontario on the oil slick. I lived in Cincy in early 1982 and was shocked to see magazine advertisements for charter boats on Lake Erie, mostly out of Port Clinton and Marblehead. Never thought I would see the day that the lake would be clean enough for fishing.
  14. Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of info and folks willing to help you find open water, tackle and baits for catching carp and buffs.
  15. I would call the fish and game people for a clarification on this.