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  1. (TN) Cannonball

    Brown Trout

    Where in NY? That is a big state with a lot of trout water.
  2. (TN) Cannonball


    Jerome's fish might qualify in a few years. My father always said anticipation is greater than realization. Must be nice not to go to the dentist but your habit certainly pays off. Just think......you can buy more carp stuff with the money you save in dental bills.
  3. (TN) Cannonball


    Some thoughts here- 1. MOCarper, is the reason you are always smiling in your photos that you are a dentist or advocating "See your dentist twice a year?" 2. Jerome, would that carp would be the basis for a big pot of bouillabaisse? To all- Tight lines and screaming alarms! 😁😂
  4. (TN) Cannonball

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    Lobby to keep the lake as a highly regulated fishery for carp and buffalo. No BFing or taking of any fish with any method except rod and reel. Advertise it in the USA and overseas as a trophy fishery. There would be tremendous economic benefits for the area. You recall the ripple effect in economics? Good luck. I might be able to talk SWMBO to fishing there. Could you start a petition that we at CAG could sign? Any way we could help?
  5. (TN) Cannonball

    Rice Pack Bait w/o Ketchup

    The carp came from Asia and I think the rice makes them think they are back home. 😁
  6. (TN) Cannonball

    2018 CAG Ohio - Cowan Lake Results

    I should have never moved from Ohio!
  7. (TN) Cannonball

    Pack bait help

    42 oz. of old fashioned oats, one can creamed corn, and flavor. Pour one half of the creamed corn into the oats. Mix flavor in the other half, mix thoroughly. Pour into the oats/creamed corn mix and mix thoroughly. I mix it the night before fishing, usually before I go to bed. It's ready my morning. It is possible to mix it right before you go fishing. This should give it time for the oats to completely absorb the liquid from the corn. Also, if it dries out a bit, add a bit of water to moisten it. Works great all year! I get my flavors at the grocery store. Ollie's Bargain Outlet or Big Lots has flavors real cheap.
  8. (TN) Cannonball

    How to Make Rice Pack-bait

    This is using instant rice. I tried uncooked regular rice. Didn't work but we have made lots of rice pudding.
  9. (TN) Cannonball

    Rice Pack Bait w/o Ketchup

    needmotime2fish (Barry) has some recipes for rice packbait that use soft drinks, etc. I find the rice packbait to be good.
  10. (TN) Cannonball

    Her first fish!

    I built a 3 wt., 5 ft. fly rod for a fellow to fish farm ponds around his home.
  11. (TN) Cannonball

    Her first fish!

    Aaron, try a six foot two weight rod. They feel like they are a yard long!
  12. (TN) Cannonball

    Her first fish!

    Just got a text and picture of my granddaughter's first fish. It is a bluegill, about six inches long, caught in a pond in their subdivision. BTW, it was caught on a custom rod that I built for her. Built one for each of the grandkids. Now to get a carp on the mat for her!
  13. Looks like the same plastic material used for my fletching jig.
  14. Looks like a washer for indexing a rod pod or something similar. Loosen a nut or wing nut, pivot the part the where the teeth match and tighten. I have something similar to that with my arrow fletching jig except the jig index has U-shaped notches.
  15. (TN) Cannonball

    Tennessee Fish-in Inquiry

    Thanks to all for your input. Am checking the calendar to see what is on my schedule and holidays.