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  1. Blacksheep, I was scanning this thread out of curiosity. I complement you in the willingness to loan gear to a new carper. Last year was a great example of the CAG members to help the newbies. Lots of nets there so that is no problem. Good luck and I wish I lived closer!
  2. New Carper here

    Not a Hoosier but welcome. Lots of carp in Indiana and a good group to connect for info.
  3. April carpin

    Sweet pea, panko, birdseed? Packbait? Canned peas? Inquiring minds want to know. OK, so I'm nosy.
  4. First MN carp of 2018

    Great to get out! Nice fish. I would buy a bigger net so the fish will be bigger.
  5. Fundraising fishin

    Lee, when the going gets tough..............the tough go fishing!
  6. CT Trophy Carp Regs - Urgent Update!

    I sent in a reply before but I wasn't on the list. I cut-and-pasted the info and forwarded it to CT.
  7. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Dale, you mention clear water at Wautaga. Aren't carp supposed to muddy the water? Thanks for the report and the photos.
  8. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    I wondered about that. That is in the Kefauver Park? Been by there many times on the way to Townsend and the national park. Need to get back up there and toss a few flies. So much water, so little time. Some toss bread wadded up on a hook for grassies and fished freeline. Keep trying! Love to see SWMBO get one!
  9. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Brad, writing a separate post in answer to your post yesterday. I had heard that the pond near the school had grassies. Anything to that?
  10. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Melton Hill sounds like an opportunity for floating bread just under the surface or even a fly rod. Does the area have places to set up rod pods, etc.? I have some carpet yarn that floats like a cork. Need to try and tie something with it. I was below Center Hill Dam many years ago and there were lots of carp swimming around below the dam. So much water, so many carp and so little time! Aaron, looking forward to wetting a line with you and Brad this year. Looks like it's warming up so I need to get my carp gear sorted out and ready to go!
  11. URGENT - CT Regulations!

    Sent a minute ago. Good luck!!!
  12. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    R-H scales are a bit pricey for my budget. I bought a digital scale at one of the big box stores, brand is Field & Stream. It goes up to 50 lb. If I catch one that bottoms out, I'm calling TWRA to weigh it and see if it is a new state record which stands at 53 lb. I do have a sling and a tripod which can double as a single rod pod. My wife keeps asking when I'm going to get a cheap hobby.
  13. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Aaron, many thanks for your reply. That makes me feel good about having a fish-in there! I had visited there this past summer but really didn't see any place around Calhoun's where we could fish. Need to get back and look again. A while back, some folks fished by the restaurant (BTW, great BBQ) when the water was down. This was CAG's First fish Folly which is a fish-in open to all to see who can catch the first carp on January 1st of the new year. I am retired so I can come up during the week but let's keep in touch to meet there at the park and fish for a while. I would like to plan a fish-in for late spring. I have been in touch with the fellow who is with the park office and would need to give him a number of anglers to get his OK first. Might even set an appointment with him and explain what we are doing. Never hurts to have friends in high places.
  14. Prime Spots In East Tennessee?

    Aaron, there is Lenoir City Park on the west side of the lake just north of the dam. Across the dam is the Tellico Recreation area, I think that is the correct name. You can see both on Google Earth. That's how I found them. The Tellico boat ramp has a long sidewalk, large parking lot and restrooms. I'm the state chair and considering a fish-in up your way. Below Watts Bar Dam lock is where I caught my PB of 25-0! Keep in touch. Watch for the notice for some fish-ins this year. Waiting for the weather to clear up and the water flows to get back to normal.
  15. Stuart Black - AZ State Chair

    Welcome! It would be good if all state chairs could share ideas, flops, and successes on the forum and FB. We could all use new ideas to attract new carper anglers and spread the word about the World's Greatest Sportfish!