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  1. New member

    Welcome to the forum from a former Buckeye. I know all the places that Vince mentions and lived near most of them. That was before I discovered carp fishing. Vince, what about the Licking River that comes into Z'ville? Dillon Lake by Z'ville? Salt River by Cambridge? So much water, so little time!
  2. trout pellets and hemp seed

    Welcome to the forum! Hold on- someone will come to the rescue!
  3. carp season is starting!!

    It's always carp season. We are fortunate here in Tennessee to have open seasons on all fish. The only restrictions would be delayed harvest for designated trout waters and slot limits for other fish.
  4. Do Gobies Disturb Carp Fishing?

    I have never seen a carp around any fish nest- bluegills and newts for sure. I have seen bass swimming around crappie nests. I had the pleasure to hear congressman Bill Brock (TN) speak at my father's Civitan Club years ago. One thing that stood out was his comment that the government has to find an issue or cause or problem so they can throw $$$$$$$ at it. That is our money, BTW. Edit: When I was in grade school in the mid 50s, we were told that the earth was cooling.
  5. Do Gobies Disturb Carp Fishing?

    The November issue of BASS Times magazine has a one page article on gobies. Here are four talking points I will bring out. One, the round goby eats eggs of other fish species. Two, they have contributed to the decline in the total mussel biomass in Oneida Lake. I believe this is in New York state. The research was done by a Cornell University student. Third, the article ends with this, "It (a report by the Aquatic Nuisance Species task force) also warns that gobies "maybe interfere with habitat restoration projects. Round gobies are aggressive toward other fish and may drive native fish away from prime spawning areas." The last sentence. "In the St. Clair River (Michigan), where gobies were first confirmed nearly 30 years ago, populations of native sculpin and logperch have suffered substantial declines. And people are worried about common carp? There are some positives (?) as some places have seen an increase in size of LMB and SMB. I find it hard to see the positive with all the negatives brought out in the article. If you know anyone who is a member of BASS, ask for their copy and read the article in full; page 10.
  6. Fly fishing shows

    Clay34, try this link. I made a goof in the spelling of the link- had flyfishing showS which was wrong. www.flyfishingshow.com
  7. Horseshoes & Carp Grenades

    No video??????
  8. The Upper Most Delaware

    Used to fish the Ten Mile River Scout Camp and caught many SM bass where the Ten Mile River empties into the Delaware. The drift boats show the pursuit of trout there. I didn't fish for carp back then. We lived in Queens for three years and never fished the famous rivers in upstate NY.
  9. MASS Carp last year.....

    Nice winter carp! Or was it caught during a warmer spell? Welcome to the forum as a guest.
  10. Fly fishing shows

    Got it. Thanks.
  11. Fly fishing shows

    I used to have a customer in Chandler, AZ. Didn't fish for carp then. Look at how much time I have wasted in the 15 years! Like to see what is in your fly box.
  12. Fly fishing shows

    Arizona? Gila trout? San Juan River? Know of a fellow who drives out there each summer, spends a few weeks, and guides on the San Juan. Used to do a lot of trout fishing but age has a way of preventing the rock climbing that is necessary in these parts. May do some this year. Carp fishing is much easier on the knees. Franky, would you share your favorite flies, techniques, and strategies for the group? Thanks.
  13. Fly fishing shows

    Thanks for your reply, Bill. Not enough is known, IMHO, partly because not many people are flinging flies at carp. As for fishing the water column, I feel you are talking about the area between the top and the bottom. Interestingly, my wife and I were in Little Rock, AR this past summer. The F&G people had an aquarium and other things off the downtown area. One of the tanks had a common carp in it. Never gave it much thought but the attendant fed the carp live minnows. The carp chased and inhaled the minnows like any predatory fish like a bass or muskie. In just a matter of second, all the minnows were gone! Would fishing something like a white woolly bugger or a small white Clouser minnow work for carp? I have had good luck with a white WB to imitate the shad die-off on my home trout river. I tie it like a regular WB but tie in a few strands of white pearlescent crystal flash. I have been know to use some silver Christmas tinsel, too. On the surface, we are familiar with the mulberry imitations or insect imitation. I have a place where I can experiment with surface flies. I would like to experiment as I know of a fellow who fishes for carp here in east Tennessee. I'm curious what flies he uses. We normally think of crawfish imitations or nymphs fished on the bottom. Will let the members know what I find. Well, any excuse to go fishing for carp!
  14. Fly fishing shows

    Iain posted on FB- Henry Cowen chases carp in the skinny stick. The NJ show will have additional info on carp on the fly.
  15. Fly fishing shows

    http://www.flyfishingshow.com Wanted to put this here and on FB. There are several shows that will cover a good portion of the US so it would be convenient for a lot of people to attend. I plan on attending the Atlanta show, depending on what is covered on a particular day. There was one seminar that covered fly fishing for everything but trout. Hopefully, it will cover carp. If not, I will drop a hint to the speaker. FYI, the seminar is by Henry Cowen. It will be Friday, February 2nd, at 4 PM.