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  1. (TN) Cannonball


    Those are some nice fish. Thanks for sharing the day and the photos. BTW, nice hat!
  2. (TN) Cannonball

    9.25 Walleye

    Might do to research the two fish and compare genus and species. Just a horseback glance says that they are two different fish.
  3. (TN) Cannonball

    GA Fall Fish-in (2018)

    Sort of the "good news, bad news" scenario. Had a good time and able to meet some new friends and see some that have been a part of the GA fish-in in times past. Didn't do much as far as catching fish but already looking forward to spring. That is always a good time at Salacoa Creek Park. This off season will be cleaning reels and rods, tying hair rigs, casting sinkers, etc. Thanks for hosting the fish-in and the lunch!
  4. (TN) Cannonball

    Carp: length, girth, weight ?

    The Ol' Captain, Horace La Favor would say it's between 4 and 40. "Nothing is as big as the fish almost caught."
  5. (TN) Cannonball

    Deep lake carp tactics?

    I got range cubes at Tractor Supply. As an experiment, I put one in a dish of water in the sink. It broke down after a few minutes. I have made a feeder cage mix out of them- soaked the cubes to break down, add canned sweet corn and fish.
  6. (TN) Cannonball

    indingenous seed baits

    Watch the carp- if they ingest them and then reject them, forget it. I have seen carp slurp in a cigarette butt and then within as couple of seconds, reject it.
  7. (TN) Cannonball

    Fall Big 4 2018 - Proposal

    Good ideas for the event. I hope to sign up and get my name somewhere on the entries list. I feel that east Tennessee has some potential for some big carp.
  8. (TN) Cannonball

    MA State Chair - resignation

    Regret that this happens, but thanks for your service to the state of Massachusetts and to CAG.
  9. (TN) Cannonball


    My complements on your carp care. After all, we want them to get bigger and stay in good condition/health. Coyotes shouldn't be a problem. Of course, there is the possibility of rabies- coyotes, dogs, raccoons, etc. Let me share a story here- I was in the swamps of SE Louisiana many years ago. I commented on how spooky it was. My friend said I was probably safer there than in my own backyard. After seeing the news, I have to agree with him. If you find a carp buddy, just make sure that you can run faster than him!
  10. (TN) Cannonball


    Welcome to the forum and CAG. To take your picture with a carp.....you push the button and run real fast! May I suggest you get some sort of unhooking mat? This keeps the fish off sand, gravel, etc. A yoga mat at the local box store will work. Regarding the state police, hope to get a hookup about the time they show up. Let them reel it in.
  11. (TN) Cannonball

    CATCHING A BUFFALO UNDERWATER - Smallmouth Buffalo Fishing

    Nice video. I almost bought a cottage on Lake Wylie back in 1973. Sitting down? Asking price was $25K!
  12. (TN) Cannonball

    Caught a Beautiful Koi

    Rex, I would probably win the lottery before I caught a koi around here. I fished my favorite venue for 5 years before I caught a mirror! And that was only one of two! Take care and tight lines with screaming alarms!
  13. (TN) Cannonball

    Caught a Beautiful Koi

    Awesome! I have yet to catch one. I have some friends who have a small pond by their house but the koi are off limits for fishing- period. 😥
  14. (TN) Cannonball

    CAG NewsLetter - Request for Articles, News etc

    Got it. Thanks.
  15. (TN) Cannonball

    CAG NewsLetter - Request for Articles, News etc

    Have an idea. What is the deadline for submission?