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  1. Indiana has a lot of carp anglers. Hopefully, someone will step up to help him get caught in the madness known as carp fishing! What magazines? May be an opportunity to have him write some articles on carp fishing. Thanks for sharing. Just thought, (scary, isn't it?), check the main CAG page and look up the contact information for the Indiana state chair.
  2. I just heard from the coordinator for the parks department. We are clear to fish and there are no activities scheduled that day.
  3. Good time for a fly rod! Edit- adding video. Someone had told me the name of the background music. Please answer again as I can use it for Power Point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnIvE8o24HM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0ctBf3FRo-AClZcrWxWS-Dyft_9t-yPe9IaclkvMeKzWzf5myxMimJmGA
  4. Bringing this up to the top. Barry Shildneck remarked yesterday that it is three weeks until the fish-in at Fort Loudon Lake outside of Lenoir City, TN. The fish-in is at Lenoir City Park off US 321 east of town and US Hwy 411. Just before you cross the new bridge, the park sign is on the right. Turn left and go around the marina and the dry storage building. Go to the end of the street. Turn left and you will see the playground and pavilion. We will be fishing the open area there around the flagpole. Had a good turnout last year but I was reminded not to have a fish-in during the middle of summer. Some of us will be fishing Friday. One indicate he would be fishing Thursday also. Yarberry Campground is across the lake and has lakefront sites. We will start at 8 AM and fish until about 5-6 PM. Later if the fishing is good. I will host a cold cut sandwich lunch so I need to get a count of those attending. as of today, I have compiled a list of eleven- Dustin, Barry, Tony, Charlie, Jennifer and Brian, Brad, John and Cheyenne, Kelley A., Buddy. Let me know if you plan on attending and if you will be staying for lunch. Invite any newbies as we will have plenty of tackle we can share. Nothing like a person landing a nice carp for the first time. Tight lines, screaming alarms and zinging drags!
  5. Will do. Photo link isn't working for me. Any way what it can be available to forward to the commissioners? They would be the best people to contact to start. Link for contact info for the commissioners who have a big part in setting regulations. https://www.tn.gov/twra/tennessee-fish-wildlife-commission#meet
  6. Looking to catch carp on the skinny stick for this year. Good luck.
  7. Welcome back, Steve! I'm retired so every day is a vacation. Got some friends coming up from GA for a couple of days of fishing and fun. Hopefully, the weather forecast is wrong and rain will bypass us.
  8. I recall carp anglers talking of what they describes as vomit mix. I guess it's a horrid mix used to spod. The name should tell the whole story.
  9. Hmmm. We can't "chum" or put out any kind of bait to attract fish as carp but we can use a spinnerbait or buzzbait using noise to attract bass. We can put a night crawler on a hook to attract fish but can't throw a handful of nightcrawlers in the water which would be construed as "chumming." What are the laws in Utah for attracting big game as elk, bear, or deer using scents or bait? Look at all the scents on the market the next time you are in a sporting goods store that deals with big game hunting. In Tennessee, you can put out corn or some such to attract deer but has to be removed two weeks before hunting season. Oh yes, forgot- you can use a decoy and calls to attract turkeys. Chumming is an ambiguous term, IMHO.
  10. Sounds good. I'm up for adoption. I'm potty trained and don't eat a lot.😆Please respond. Seriously, there are a bunch of pack bait, method mix, and boilie recipes on the main CAG website.
  11. DY, two things disqualify me for the bed and bath- not attending and not respectable. I'm sure someone will take your generous offer.
  12. I just finished a Hunter Education class this past Saturday. Only one chapter out of ten deals with hunting. Chapters 1 and 2 deal with game laws, ethics and responsibility. Chapter 9 deals with conservation; surprised? "Carrying capacity is the number of animals that the habitat can support all year long." Hunting and fishing are two ways that populaltions are controlled. The state of Tennessee has a 43 page booklet on fishing laws. Why? Each body of water is different- requiring different limits, seasons, etc. One size down't fit all. Which is worse- catching and releasing a fish or shooting it with an arrow and throwing it on the bank while still alive? Two British professors did a study and found that hooking a fish is not what everyone thinks.
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