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  1. Nice photos and outstanding fish. The first photo has the sun's rays on the left. Thinking there might be something theological there. A blessing from on High? Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ask and it shall be given. Welcome and good luck fishing the tidal basin. May i suggest joining CAG to get access to get lots of useful information? Youtube is good but On The Bank Training is great! I joined five years ago and never regretted the money...which was well spent in learning carp fishing.
  3. Those rods and the tackle are specialized for carp fishing. Highly unlikely anyone will recognize them but use them for fishing in general. They might wind up at a pawn shop but my guess they will be taken to another town, pawned there or set out at a flea market. Hate that you lost all your carp gear. I wouldn't think your premiums would go up for one incident. My father said locks are for honest people. March, 1970, someone broke into our house and stole 12 guns...three were my grandfathers. Gone!
  4. Nice mirror but all mirrors are nice, IMHO. Nice venue! Our problem in the Tennessee Valley is lakes are drawn down for winter flood control. This leaves either very shallow water or needing to go 100 yards through mud or silt to get to the water.
  5. Canned corn is cooked and soaks in the liquid until opened and drained. I pick the biggest and most solid kernels for the hair rig. The "empty shells" and the soft kernels go into packbait and cage mix. The Japanese angler has kernels that aren't softened by cooking and soaking. Also, his kernels would depend on the stage of development. If the corn was starting to ripen before becoming solid kernels, t hen he has hit onto something. When I lived in a farm, we would pick field corn in its early stages and it would be just like sweet corn. As it developed, kernels hardened into the familiar hard kernels like deer corn.
  6. Been fishing sweet corn for almost five years. Never had any trouble. Rarely get a catfish and don't remember ever getting a bluegill or anything else on it.
  7. FWIW, there have been pro bass anglers who have had tackle stolen from boats parked in major hotel parking lots. A high school clay target team stopped at a restaurant and had a small fortune of firearms, etc., stolen in broad daylight. My father took all his tackle to a park in a Chicago suburb (why, I never could understand) and left it in his station wagon. Had all of it stolen during the night. Some of the lures were antiques. If you have the room for it in the hotel, take it. "Lead us not into temptation."
  8. Is a buzz bait or a spinnerbait an acoustic, that is, it attracts by sound? Noisy surface lures as a Hula Popper has drawn fish from as deep as 20 feet.
  9. As for the chumming, I would contact the fish & game office for an explanation. Make sure you get the name of the person you talk to. This is in case there is a difference of opinion with an officer. Can't help with the rest. Good luck.
  10. Congratulations on breaking the blank days. If carp fishing was so simple and easy, we would gotten bored and taken up knitting. Keep going!
  11. Good for you! I had a Smoky Mountain NP Grand Slam once- 5 rainbows, 4 browns and 2 brook trout in one day. Like to go back and try again.
  12. Too far for me but if you have the time to go, definitely go. I have found carp anglers to be most helpful helping newbies.
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