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  1. Is a buzz bait or a spinnerbait an acoustic, that is, it attracts by sound? Noisy surface lures as a Hula Popper has drawn fish from as deep as 20 feet.
  2. As for the chumming, I would contact the fish & game office for an explanation. Make sure you get the name of the person you talk to. This is in case there is a difference of opinion with an officer. Can't help with the rest. Good luck.
  3. Congratulations on breaking the blank days. If carp fishing was so simple and easy, we would gotten bored and taken up knitting. Keep going!
  4. Good for you! I had a Smoky Mountain NP Grand Slam once- 5 rainbows, 4 browns and 2 brook trout in one day. Like to go back and try again.
  5. Too far for me but if you have the time to go, definitely go. I have found carp anglers to be most helpful helping newbies.
  6. FWIW, I bait a venue when two friends come up from Georgia to fish. Once, I started to bait Monday morning, twice a day. They came up on Friday morning. However, I didn't see any difference in the catch rate than if I baited one or two days before fishing. I bait with boiled cracked corn and whole kernel corn with some flavor.
  7. Interesting. Waves caused by speedboats? I thought some would blame it on common carp.😁
  8. Persistence pays off with a nice double digit fish. Losing terminal tackle is the bane of just about any style of fishing. Yes, it can get expensive with heavy leads, etc. Too bad we can't think of a way to make it tax deductible. Or can we?
  9. Colonel James Corbett mentions the mahseer in his book, Maneaters of Kumaon. Thanks for a great story and the photo. So much water, so little time!
  10. Congratulations looking forward to seeing photos and news of activities of the group. Very familiar with central Ohio- Shadeville (house is gone) and Grove City.
  11. This is a virtual goldmine! I plan on using this in the discussion with a fellow on a bowhunting website. Cut an paste seems to be the answer. This guy might be busy for a while to read all this information. His last post has him dismissing documented history of carp in the USA.
  12. Unusual coloration. That looks familiar from a TV show. Yes, what is it? And welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing more photos of fish you have caught. I take it Brighton is in Great Britain?
  13. Best way to fish any venue is with the bait in the water. ☺️ Did you plan on staying next to the river? Good move as logistics will be easy. Good luck and let us know the results.
  14. Thanks for the interesting thread. I think that we all share the sentiments expressed as we all, more than likely, have someone who has led us to this point in carp fishing. Willem invited me to Kingston, TN in October, 2014 and was gracious enough to share his knowledge, answer questions and allow me to hook, play and release my first three "official" carp. It's been two bunches of fun ever since. I have met a lot of outstanding people from all walks of life, careers, etc., with the common interest in carp fishing.
  15. True! Now it is all about the grandkids.
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