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  1. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Your name: Evan Cartabiano Your CAG forum name: Evan C. Your state or province of residence: Texas The state or province of your FFF 2018 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Same Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/18)?: Nope Thanks for doing it again Frank! Look forward to it every year.
  2. Title: Four states, four years, my FFF Location: Near Tyler, TX By Evan Cartabiano I can’t say that when I started participating in the FFF that I would have fished in for four years and never in the same lake…. or even in the same state. Year one was Oklahoma, two was South Carolina, three was North Carolina, and year four, this year, Texas. No I have not been running from the law as some have suggested. I hope that the next few years can be TX as well – moving gets old and I am going to need some time to fully explore the waters here. The challenge of fishing a new state every year is you don’t really have time to get to know any body of water in detail, so it’s always a scramble to find a location to fish. This year it was particularly short notice – about a month. Luckily I work in the fisheries field so can do some scouting while working. A combination of this scouting and the insights of a friend lead me to the lake I decided to fish. After a considerable wait the day was finally here, December 31. I got packed, kissed the wife and kids goodbye, and drove the short distance to the venue. I had baited the swim prior and when I arrived I realized that this was not going to work. The water was far deeper close in than I had thought and this meant that I could not cast the distance I needed to reach the bait I had put in via boat a few days prior. Luckily I had another swim in mind that I really had no idea about other than that I had a good map of the bottom and it looked fishy. I packed up what little gear I had taken out and headed over to the new swim. On my way I stopped and talked some other carp anglers who were set up in a mid-point swim. They arrived that morning and had still to catch anything with the exception of some catfish. After a nice chat I kept on and got to my swim of choice. I was getting really dark by this time so I tried to hurry to figure out where I wanted my baits. Of course I could not get my map to load on my phone but I remembered that I basically could not cast too far and needed to make it a good 110+yds to get to the area I wanted to fish – a sunken bar where you would think there should not be one. I clipped up at 121yds (28 wraps; 13ft rod x 28 lengths = 121 yds) which was about as far as I could comfortably fish with a full large spomb. My spomb mix was simple, a mix of sweet corn, oats, and oils. I put out about 5 cans of corn and got my rods ready to cast. It was about 7pm. I decided that my chances of catching anything were slim and if I did I would be happy to get the last fish of 2016 so I got my baits into position. My hook baits were super sweet tiger nuts tipped with a grain of plastic corn. A small liquidized bread PVA stick kept everything nice and neat and tangle free. I had the misguided idea that I would get some sleep before midnight and recast then. What I did not realize was that this was a very popular place for fireworks – and wow they must have spent a lot of money on them. This racket kept up until way after midnight but did answer a question I had – would a carp bite with this going on? And yes they will as around 9pm I had a drop back and an 8+/-lb carp was in the net. Suffice to say that this fish did not count for the FFF but it gave me confidence that there were fish in the area. After that things died down and I only had a couple of catfish until around 6:30am when a got another drop back and hooked into a better fish. After a heavy fight and a long time just out of reach of the net I landed my first fish of 2017 – a nice 24.5lb common. I was really happy to say the least. I got the rod back out and rebaited my others and put out a few more spombs of bait. I then went back to bed as I still had to be awake to play with the family when I got home. After getting some sleep I still had not had any action so I recast again. I had cast out a rod to the margin across the cove and this rod was the next to go. While I was fighting this fish a got a proper run on another rod so was fighting two fish at one which is always exciting! These fish turned out to be smaller than the 24 but were both bigger than the first of the session. To my surprise I got them both in the net and safely weighed and returned to the water. By this time I was near to having to pack it in, so I got the rods out again and then started to pack up the non-essential kit. I had been lucky in years past to have caught some last minute carp in the FFF but this year nothing like that happened. And it was time to reel in and head home. It was a great time and I had not blanked again (this is always a surprise as I am sure I will every time!). If you are reading this and have not participated in the FFF I highly recommend it as it really starts the New Year off right!
  3. FFF 2017

  4. FFF 2017 - Contest Categories and Prizes

    I have been looking forward to it every year since I started doing it!
  5. FFF 2017 - Contest Categories and Prizes

    Thanks Frank for organizing this yet again!
  6. FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    Your name: Evan Cartabiano Your CAG forum name: Evan C. Your state or province of residence: TX The state or province of your FFF 2017 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: Same Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/17)?: Nope
  7. Grass carp in Tennessee?

    Strawberry-squid flavor. I my case this is chopped up squid and strawberry koolaid in a boilie.
  8. Kerr Lake (NC) Social/Fish-in

    Many thanks to Big Carp Tackle for donating some Gardner Tackle Bug Indicators! They will be given as prizes for biggest fish. 1st Place (Biggest fish) - 3 indicators 2nd Place (2nd Biggest fish) - 2 indicators 3rd Place (3rd Biggest fish) - 1 indicator
  9. Hi All, I had to move the event to the 29th-30th due to the hurricane. Hope you will be able to make it! Evan
  10. Hi All, I had to move the event to the 29th-30th due to the hurricane. Hope you will be able to make it! Evan
  11. South Carolina Introductions

    Hi TK, Welcome to the CAG forum! Greenwood is a great lake. I fished Murray a bit and never got a common carp. Lots of big grass carp however! Bow hunting is definitely a problem for so many areas. I am in NC now and it's just as bad. Is your company online or brick and mortar? There are a few other members on here that fish that area and hopefully they will comment as well. Cheers, Evan