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  1. Soak time

    60 to 90 minutes seems to work best for me
  2. Buffalo's

    Spices like pepper seem to attract buff's. I have caught quite a few with homemade habernero/jalapeno boilies and mixing habernero/jalapeno boilies into my packbait. To catch them you can't wait for the alarms to sound; you have to watch the line.
  3. 2017 Regionals

    How many are signed up at this point?
  4. What are you soaking your fake baits in?

    I soak mine in the same container with my flavored maize.
  5. Pack bait ingredient sources

    I just crush the peanut suet with my fingers a little bit when adding to the panko. I use a small handful at a time. It will last quite a while.
  6. Common carp tattered fins

    I think it has to do with spanning. For the bigger fish, I also think it's a matter of age, experience and treachery...so to speak. I am nearing 50 years of age and things I took for granted when I was 30 years old have changed. Arthritis impacts me almost daily. I have had surgery on both knees. I don't recover as quickly when tired, sore, etc. I would guess it works the same for fish.
  7. Membership Renewal

    I just renewed my membership. The information I have learned here, the contacts I have made, and the ability to make contributions based on my unique own experiences make the cost of membership very worthwhile for me. I now target carp exclusively when I fish and if it weren't for my membership, the pursuit would be much more difficult and would definitely be more trial and error based. For anyone who is on the fence about being a member, my feedback is that it's worth every penny to me. It's a chance to be a part of something bigger than our individual carp fishing efforts, which is something I value.
  8. Pack bait ingredient sources

    I used the peanut suet in my panko and cream corn pack bait. I also use chicken feed from time to time. I like the peanut suet. Peanut powder is also something you can use but the straight powder is kind of expensive to use in pack bait. That's why I found the peanut suet. Yes. I use the one you linked to from Home Depot. I like to use chicken feed instead of bird seed. The chicken feed doesn't float and you don't have to boil it. I like to flavor some flavored field corn (deer corn) and mix that in my pack bait too. I bought a 25 bag that has lasted me for two years.
  9. Pack bait ingredient sources

    I use C and S Wild Bird Food, Peanut Nuggets ‑ 27 oz purchased at Home Depot for less than $4. These last several sessions and work well.
  10. Essential Nutrients in Boilies?

    LOL. I see my phone did a spell check for me and changed "Kok" to "Kim" above. Mario Kok has some posts that will really help you out I think. His posts helped me make some boilies that caught two small mouth buffalo PB's in 30 minutes time the first time I used them.
  11. A Vacation Day Spent Carping

  12. Pack bait ingredient sources

    I buy 25 pounds of Panko at GFS. It comes inside a bag within a cardboard box. It's easier for me to store that way. I paid $27.99 last time. I used to buy the 3 pound bags of Panko but now buy the bigger quantity for much less money.
  13. In the autumn of each year I look forward to the chances to catch some high quality carp specimens. I am lucky to have accumulated quite a bit of vacation in my 20 years working at my employer, so I can actually fish several days during October. After blanking on Saturday after driving 3 hours round trip, I headed out Monday morning with high hopes and the carp did not disappoint me. In fact I caught 9 carp and a small mouth buffalo. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 1st fish of the day 2nd fish of the day 3rd fish Close-up This fish was the second fish in a double header. I was struggling to get pictures before another fish screamed off, so I snapped this picture of the fish while still in the landing net.  This is the first fish of the double header. It was the big fish of the session at 20 pounds. This fish was still eating pack bait even after I captured it in the landing net. It made me laugh so hard I decided to snap a picture as a reminder. My last fish of the day was caught while I was actually packing up my gear to leave. Here is a little better picture of the small mouth buffalo. I love this fish. For a small mouth buffalo, this fish was in pristine condition. It's not the biggest buffalo I've caught, but it's definitely my favorite. And in case you are wondering, this fish weighed a little over 16 pounds. If I am lucky I can get a few more sessions in before it turns too cold to catch. The last few years on Halloween I have had very good fishing luck. My fingers are crossed for this weekend.
  14. My first several caro were caught in a 10 foot King Kat rid from Cabelas. You probably already have what you need but might need to use it a little differently.
  15. Essential Nutrients in Boilies?

    Search for Mario Kim on the forum. He posted a nice write up that has helped me a lot.