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  1. Sharp hooks??

    I change hooks every 3rd fishing session at least. More if I find one that's a little dull. A new hook is a small investment when we spend 8 hours or more on the bank.
  2. ALL GUESTS NON CAG Member Please read

    I have made offline friends through the membership that I wouldn't have otherwise. I've met many good fishing partners online and we fish very regularly locally.
  3. ALL GUESTS NON CAG Member Please read

    I think making a choice to join as a CAG member is a personal decision. People join for different reasons. I joined because as with several membership organizations I belong to, I knew I could short cut my learning curve by reading, sharing, and learning from others. The value in having a resource to ask questions alone, is worth the small cost of membership to me.
  4. Dead forum

    I think a forum or Facebook or personal relationships take work. The more you give, the more you get. The more you contribute that adds value, the more people share/contribute back to you in return.
  5. Favorite mirror

    To some who catch mirrors on a regular basis this fish may not be a stand out, but for yours truly who has only caught 5 or 6 mirrors in several years it's a special fish. There have only been 2 mirrors caught at this venue that I personally know about. Interestingly, the two fish have been caught by two different anglers.
  6. Favorite Picture from 2017

    Nice pics. Sometimes it's hard to pick just one.
  7. I titled the post "favorite picture" and not "favorite fish" because they are not one in the same for me. This fish picture is as close to perfect as any I have had in 4 years (in my mind/opinion). The fish weighed 23 pounds. The only processing completed on this photo is a few minor adjustments to contrast, saturation and I added a vignette to hopefully focus the eyes more towards the fish. What is your favorite fish picture from 2017?
  8. 2017

    I realized I haven't visited in several months. I need to get back to the forum more often.
  9. NTrap vs. Coated Braid

    I have fished 4 years plus with hair rigs tied from PowerPro braid. I got some N Trap late in the season, but didn't have confidence to use it. What are some advantages of using the semi-stiff material for hair rigs? Have I been missing the boat all these years?
  10. Soak time

    60 to 90 minutes seems to work best for me
  11. Buffalo's

    Spices like pepper seem to attract buff's. I have caught quite a few with homemade habernero/jalapeno boilies and mixing habernero/jalapeno boilies into my packbait. To catch them you can't wait for the alarms to sound; you have to watch the line.
  12. 2017 Regionals

    How many are signed up at this point?
  13. What are you soaking your fake baits in?

    I soak mine in the same container with my flavored maize.
  14. Pack bait ingredient sources

    I just crush the peanut suet with my fingers a little bit when adding to the panko. I use a small handful at a time. It will last quite a while.