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  1. Thank you for the very kind words Dave.
  2. Here are some fish from the CAG Regionals this past weekend. There were 10 other carp landed as well with weights ranging from 33#+ to low teens. It was best regionals to date and my best Saginaw River trip in the 5 years I've been going there.
  3. Thanks guys. That fish was right at 40 inches long. I suspect it could be a 40# fish in a few weeks prior to the spawn. Water temp was barely above 50 when this fish was caught so it's going to much more actively feeding now.
  4. Thanks guys. We got real nervous after seeing it surface about 100 feet from shore. I could tell it was bigger than anything I had caught before.
  5. It was my only fish on the day, and it didn't even sound the alarm (drop back), but boy was it a special fish. It was my first 30+ pound fish I've ever caught. The 5 year wait is over.
  6. I change hooks every 3rd fishing session at least. More if I find one that's a little dull. A new hook is a small investment when we spend 8 hours or more on the bank.
  7. I have made offline friends through the membership that I wouldn't have otherwise. I've met many good fishing partners online and we fish very regularly locally.
  8. I think making a choice to join as a CAG member is a personal decision. People join for different reasons. I joined because as with several membership organizations I belong to, I knew I could short cut my learning curve by reading, sharing, and learning from others. The value in having a resource to ask questions alone, is worth the small cost of membership to me.
  9. I think a forum or Facebook or personal relationships take work. The more you give, the more you get. The more you contribute that adds value, the more people share/contribute back to you in return.
  10. To some who catch mirrors on a regular basis this fish may not be a stand out, but for yours truly who has only caught 5 or 6 mirrors in several years it's a special fish. There have only been 2 mirrors caught at this venue that I personally know about. Interestingly, the two fish have been caught by two different anglers.
  11. Nice pics. Sometimes it's hard to pick just one.
  12. I titled the post "favorite picture" and not "favorite fish" because they are not one in the same for me. This fish picture is as close to perfect as any I have had in 4 years (in my mind/opinion). The fish weighed 23 pounds. The only processing completed on this photo is a few minor adjustments to contrast, saturation and I added a vignette to hopefully focus the eyes more towards the fish. What is your favorite fish picture from 2017?
  13. I realized I haven't visited in several months. I need to get back to the forum more often.
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