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  1. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    A official CAG ICE agent will detain you. he he he
  2. Todd Richer_7193

    First MN carp of 2018

    Great effort and great fish. Nice Job.
  3. Todd Richer_7193

    New member

    Welcome! Tony
  4. Todd Richer_7193

    2017 RI Fall Combo Tournament Results

    I was tired of looking at the post titled " Dead Forum" so I decided to bump this....... FYI
  5. Todd Richer_7193

    FFF 2018 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!

    Congratulations to all who attempted/ managed to catch a fish yesterday. Very impressive on all counts! Great job! Todd
  6. Todd Richer_7193

    FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Frank, Is it my imagination or am I correct when I say that it appears we have an increased amount of participation this year? Very surprising considering the obvious weather temp. forecast....
  7. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Newsletter - December 2017

    Well Written Informative Real Time/ Up to date Now that's a Newsletter! Great job. Thanks
  8. Todd Richer_7193

    Favorite mirror

    Brian, I have caught a bunch of mirrors but none with such a light coloring as that. Nice fish. Congrats Todd
  9. Todd Richer_7193

    FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Todd Richer Todd Richer_7193 Rhode Island MA/CT Not a junior
  10. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    ok Jerome I did send the pix. Hopefully someday we can get everybody's pix posted even if they did not place in the top spots. (that was what I was referring to originally) Thanks for the additional effort.
  11. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Thank you Jerome. I appreciate the reply. Thank you MO and congrates to you also.
  12. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    I understand that the pix on the LB are compressed to small size, but this year I have been unable to view even those small pix. When I click on somebodies name, it just says "loading". Even under my own name.... no pix. I don't believe I'm alone here.. Or am I??? Is anyone else having this issue? But back to my original question... I would think that CAG not posting all of the fish entered onto a "Final Wrap up Post " for one of its premier contests is really a missed opportunity. I cannot think of a better way for our club/group to showcase itself to the masses than by posting all of the great catches made by our members throughout the country. Maybe I am being naïve, and this is a lot more work than I realize or it is just not feasible/ possible for this current forum format. Either way, please receive my comments as just that...comments. As I am not knocking or complaining about all the work you and everybody else has done to put this contest together. Thanks Todd
  13. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    What is the reason we do not showcase all of the fish entered in the contest within a "Final Results" post?? just curious.. Thanks Todd
  14. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Thanks to Jerome and CAG for putting on the Big 4 contest. Great fun as usual.. Todd