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  1. See you threre.... Thanks for the opportunity to fish once again the Dixon Tournament..
  2. Do you no the address for ccc  so I can book hotel? 

  3. Zach it was fun and bite was rough hope you make it next year?
  4. It's been raining two days now off and on IL River at flood stage how's rock is it still on? It's got to be flying.....
  5. My son's been asking about this since June lol.... Looking forward to it
  6. I'm a tackle box guy and Harris sport mail no extra fees never...
  7. I have the sonik blacks I love e them
  8. Nope not here
  9. I just got out of doctors office it has to wrapped for two weeks no hard work.... Thx again for thosewho ttried and those who went out there way to take care of my hands.... Even though I hurt Istill mmanaged to hold my grand baby Brian would was born Saturday that again all can't wait till next year I no boo cant
  10. Dave M....... I want to say thanks for the first aid kit with out you I'm not fishing..... See ya in few months Dave I called in to work for Monday I can't grab anything.... Andthe guy in boat lived so it's a good day... So this makes me the better man I was told.... Um I don't feel like it lol congrats to the winners. See ya soon cory....
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