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  1. He registered through Big Carp Tackle. Hopefully Willem can figure it out.
  2. I am trying to register a friend and he cannot remember his forum name. I have sent two messages to CAG and have not heard back. Mark Bonette Texas
  3. I would like to Register Frank Kessler Katy Carper South Zone - Texas
  4. Wanted to see if there is a possibility to see a peg list and weights from the past few years? I know this is asked every year and I thought I could log into the leaderboard to see this but I could not find it. Any thoughts??
  5. Called reservations and they say the group code is not available! Not sure what is up?
  6. Have you guys fished Minnetonka? I come up to Chaska for business and may fish one of these trips.
  7. Please see below. Please post in other areas if needed. Outdoors notebook: Carp fishing spots highlighted <style> .es-carousel ul{ display:block; } </style> About Bob FryeBob Frye 724-838-5148 Outdoors Writer Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Contact Us | Video | Photo Reprints By Bob Frye Published: Sunday, May 4, 2014, 9:54 p.m. Pennsylvania's carp are getting their due, starting now. Several months ago, Len Lichvar, a member of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission board from Somerset County, suggested the agency list carp fishing hot spots on the “PA's Best Fishing Waters” section of its website. That section lists the top spots to catch trophy-sized fish based on surveys done by commission biologists. If you want suggestions on where to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass and walleyes all longer than 15 inches, bluegills longer than seven or just the biggest muskies, the list provide that. Hot spots are broken down by species and large and small reservoirs and flowing waters. A number of fish are highlighted, including everything from channel catfish to yellow perch to bluegills and pumpkinseeds to striped bass to trout, both stocked and wild. Carp were not among them when the section was originally created, however. Lichvar suggested staff change that. They listened. The newly updated list — which will be discussed at Monday's meeting of the commission in Hawley — details 20 common carp hot spots. More than half are in Western Pennsylvania, including Conneaut, Keystone, Arthur, Wilhelm, Pymatuning, Shenango and Bridgeport lakes and the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. Read more: http://triblive.com/sports/outdoors/6044848-74/fish-fishing-carp#ixzz312WzLlCW Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook
  8. Neil 2 Large for Frank Kessler. Thanks!
  9. Neil, It is Andy Longstreth. You have added an extra R in there. Thanks. Also, our team name is TEAM NO CHANCE Thanks! I look forward to this event and the chance to fish it with my Son. Frank
  10. Great job Scott. Heard it was a good event. Keep up the good work!!
  11. Congrats all to a nice tournament. Wish I could have fished it and will definately next year. Some very nice fish caught!! Frank
  12. I hear ya Neil. I hear crickets chirping. At least we can get updates on the TFF.
  13. I guess we should of had Carp Zombie use his leaderboard for this event. Rumor is a fish or two were caught but no update of the leaderboard. Just sayin!
  14. Looks like a great trip and pictures. Awesome write up as well. Would have been great to see the tackle shop. Did you get any good pictures from there? Frank
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