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  1. Good luck Andy , I am sure a lot of people will be happy to hear you going back into the bait myself included.. Look forward toseeing you soon.
  2. Fantastic fish Daniel well done, look forward to hearing the story .
  3. Thanks for the input guys , I have looked at a new venue recently that has great potential and is comfortable to fish . I have known about this lake for about 5 years but never had chance to fish it .lt did produce a 28lber on a short session recently , and I know there are bigger fish in the lake . I will add some dates and ideas to this topic next week and see who is interested .
  4. Lol Rodman , Master of the understatement. How ya doing Mate ?
  5. Stunning fish Dave well done .
  6. Brian just a point on your dilemma with rod pod you could tie wrap a buzzbar to the railings with your alarms mounted , just a suggestion mate .
  7. wow some awesome early fish .
  8. Good job Brian , lake up here are only just opening up from the ice .Leaving me all revved up and nowhere to go .
  9. I have a few ideas for venues but most would require travel time of 2-3 hours for the core MI members I am willing to organize an event or 2 this year if the people are willing to travel .
  10. Well done you two , not surprised at all by your victory.
  11. Nice article Dean, look forward to reading parts 2 and 3.
  12. Hi Guys looking forward to seeing you all again , been a few years for me at this great annual event . Be great to catch up with some old faces and finally meet some new ones . Winter has been long and hard up here and so has work, so excuse me if you don't see me on the forum for the next few weeks while our busy work period comes to and end. Then I can start to concentrate on my fishing, and the job in hand as state chair. I am hoping 2014 will be Michigan's best year for the many talented carp anglers we have out there.
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