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  1. Hahaha... Hopefully we will be doing one in English soon...
  2. Here's the YouTube link for the bit that I was on the show...
  3. Nice fish-in guys! Man, I miss nice, well kept bank space!
  4. I can't upload the picture somehow...
  5. Pretty much like a Bass in the USA, but the fight is waaay better pound for pound. Sight fishing with the topwater baits are my favorite way to catch them.
  6. I would have loved to meet the 4 old timers again...
  7. How about fishing Alum at New Galena ramp? Plenty of bankspace and you have the choice whether to fish the cove or the main Lake...
  8. You just have to go Bob... My PB is from there... I love DC!
  9. Awesome stuff! Way to go on teaching those youngsters!
  10. Sorry, I failed to mention that I am in Thailand lol...
  11. Some of you may know that I have been practicing my casting at a golf course... Well today started just like any other, except I caught this...
  12. I remember that snowy trip! Wish I could be there as well Bill... That place still owes me a carp! Hope Deb strap on some tackle on to Bruce when he comes over! LOL
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