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  1. Hey Bro...You the man!

  2. just an update, no response yet, but based on some info I received from some cag members the organisers of the last wcc all part of the ICFA (international carp fishing assoc. ?). Also most of them will be at the WCC this week, so I've mailed them and asked a few people attending to help out.
  3. I'm sort of on the fence with the ACS on the one hand Dave did go out of his way to try and get the prize money for Al and myself, but then they are now working with the same people who withheld the prize money on staging the current WCC?. I think Brian summed things up pretty well as usual. Anyway guess I'll wait and see, if the prize money shows up everyone will be happy, if not then I guess it's destined to be one of those unpleasant episodes where no one ends up a winner. To me this a very good example of why it's good for the CAG to stay out of the commercial side of things. I'm a raving capitalist myself but fishing is a good way to get away from it and the CAG basically seems to support those attitudes and values in carp fishing. In retrospect I probably should never had gone to the WCC, it's all water under the bridge these days, but the WCC coming to town presents an outside chance of getting that prize money. Anyway, you might be in with a good chance of the million dollars Paul, fishing with tal!!!!, although he does seem to have lost his mojo, who knows maybe be back.
  4. yes Mr Big think most of the people in the loop will be there at this year's WCC. The ICFA people are there, not sure about Raduta but I heard is son is fishing. Anyway just an update, no reponse yet, I'm taking brian's advice and not holding my breath. Got a offer of help from the CAG leadership, nothing from the ACS yet.
  5. OK not sure how this will playout but carrying on with the recent theme of members attempting to resolve bad stuff that has happened to them, items stolen/not paid for, by posting on the board, I'm going to have an honest attempt to get some unpaid prize money from the previous WCC. I guess most people know that tal and myself placed 5th in the last WCC, but instead of recieving our approx $8000 prize money, we were given some shimano rods and reels that were a fraction of the value of the published prize money. I guess after numerous complaints and inquiries, non of the prize money has appeared and this is about the best timing I could come up with to make a final attempt to get what I think we are owed. So I know ICFA ans ACS officials frequent this board and to me the ICFA seem to be the same players who organized the last WCC. So my question is can you see if you can obtain our prize money or atleast the prize money minus the value of the tackle?. Also can any of the CAG officials lend a hand? apply some pressure?
  6. picked up on this when I was back in the UK the last few weeks: http://www.anglinglines.com/docs/ourvenues...stin/index.html if you read carefully, it seems the euro conspiracy theorists were right about Dave, turns out he's actually a brit . should be interesting to see what gets caught
  7. koi


    I'm tired of getting this PC Rambo stuff from the commercial community when I pull a face . Why should we end up bleeding profusely from our backs if we don't see things the way a few agressive people do??????? . Anyway I'm happy, off to the fishin, going to be a good time
  8. koi


    hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm, our logo on everything
  9. there is atleast one homeless guy who sleeps on nice terry hearn JRC bedchair and another who fishes a set of 13ft parallel butts . On the whole they are OK, I always leave them my chair, rubber boots and buckets after each trip
  10. wow that's the "homeless camp" lucky to get in and out of there with all the equipment, maybe a bit too cold for the locals to be in residence, they are probably still hangin' under the I35 bridge
  11. koi

    Float Fishing

    top notch angling......
  12. koi

    Float Fishing

    no what you mean Sod, sometimes it's borderline self indulgent drivel, sometimes it's inspiring. Think he tends to fish a fixed spool for carp, makes more sense, but you miss out a bit on the "direct drive" sensation.
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