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  1. Frank -- thanks for keeping the tradition up! I'm registering - Brid Caveney (name & forum name) Texas. Wish I was a Junior -- but hit 65 this year -- you should have a category for us Senior members! BTW -- don't go beating me with overall weight this year - like you did a few years back - when I had the only 30 in the country, weighed in 4 fish -- and you beat me with 27 or so!! Cheers, Brid.
  2. Well done to all that braved it! We made it out for around 5 hours - but saw nothing but water birds, turtles - and joggers. Big congrats to Kris Tait, for his new PB. Finally - another thanks to Dr Rink for the fine organizing - yet again.
  3. Brid Caveney Brid Texas Frank - thanks a million for keeping the FFF alive & well. I'll be fishing with my son Seamus (not a Cag member) 300 or so miles from home - and just hoping snow doesn't drive us away before the 1st! (already been out 5 days!) Cheers mate, Brid.
  4. 1 x Lg paid for. Any prizes for being the first to pay?
  5. Dang the deadline - here's a bit of good reading for all concerned!! NEW YEARS MIRACLE? NOT just another fisherman's tale here - just beating all odds for ever happening. Sometime on New Years Day, one of my companions for the 4 day session we were on, Austin Anderson reeled in one of my leadcore leaders I had lost earlier last year - to a snap off with a fish, in snags. The loop of the leader was on his hook, and the safety lead had successfully ejected, leaving the insert still clipped to the swivel. The hook was rotted/rusted off, just where the bend would start. So - multiple reassu
  6. Brid Caveney 12lbs 8oz 5.00am Water temp 52F
  7. Frank - I got a 12.8 common at 5am, water temp 52F -- but, we had pretty much zero internet coverage, and John Newbitt was supposed to send it. I guess it never arrived! Brid.
  8. Your name: Brid Caveney Your CAG forum name: Brid Caveney Your state or province of residence: Texas -- where I'm fishing! Frank - thanks for putting the show on. You and I have a bit of unfinished business -- for when you beat me by a couple of pounds, a few years back (The year I had the only 30+ in the country!) Let the games begin
  9. Where is the registered teams thread? Be nice to see who backs up their pledge on this thread
  10. Got to win one of these before I snuff it - so, I'm in
  11. Wow -- nobody from WA replying to pleas for getting together. Waaaasup Gregg/Geoff?
  12. BUMP. New (to State) Carper in the house. Anyone still fishing, or just given up? Brid.
  13. I'm in Tacoma WA right now, thinking about relocating here, and wanting to touch bases with any other Carpers up here. E-mail bridiom@clear.net Tel: 831 596 0061 Look forward to hearing from you. Brid.
  14. A bit late -- but, it took biggest fish. PS, wonder why nobody bothered posting it? Probably just the same idiocy that won't see me fishing an event I've loved for quite some years. I know there has been bigger caught, but -- shouldn't this be shown in the records, so TPWD can keep up their amazing work telling us about the water, and all that's caught there? 2 years late, but -- it was fun!
  15. This slipped by as big fish for the event
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