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  1. Hi Paul, i have a question about your fox a pod kit. Is that a complete pod?
  2. I have those too. Tons of fun! Paired em with theyre 6000 baitrunner reels. Good stuff!
  3. Fast shipping from Big Carp Tackle on a XTR rod bag. 3 days to michigan. I will be watching to see when you get the SKS landing net and carryalls back in stock.
  4. Another order, originally quoted 14 dollars shipping. Refunded 7 dollars!
  5. Also, shipping was the usual speedy shipping that I'm accustomed to from resistance when I ordered 3 years ago. Just a couple of days to Michigan!
  6. Ive been out fo the game for a while, but wanted to post my experiences recently with Resistance Tackle. I have ordered from their and Wacker alot in the past, and both he and Paul were very fair IMO. Upon getting back into fishing again, I was thrown off by the shipping prices quoted upon check out at Resistance (I understand there is a new owner?) It almost made me not order, but I really like the items I ordered, and needed them for the style of fishing I do, so I ordered anyway. To make a long story short, both times, the owner (Dennis Moneypenny) refunded money to my paypal account making shipping much cheaper! He apparently shipped them flat rate? Anyway, thank you Mr. Moneypenny! I will do business with you again!
  7. I recently saw a picture of a squad car at a department I won't mention that had the following on the side next to the department logo, "We'll kick your @#$$!" I laughed hard, but that can't be to good for community relations! My car looks awesome the way it is, lol! The boss might get a little T'd if I did!
  8. Sending payment out today, thanks for the help with the info Andy! Great idea Bill, it will look good on my Ford!
  9. I'm not a newbie, but I have a newbie who these will be going to if I win, does that count for the sling and added stuff? $95 bucks, and bidding is now closed folks, sorry for the inconvienance!!!!
  10. This has my name written all over it. I bid $51.00 Cool lot of stuff!
  11. We're listening! Seriously though, I had a few complaints about that, and that will change for next year. That was my first year putting on the Saginaw tournament, so hopefully I'll get all the kinks worked out.
  12. Larry, While the fish were indeed small, you did a fine job of orgainizing this tournament sir and it was a pleasure meeting you. My partner and I enjoyed ourselves, and even though we coudln't get em going, we had a fun time. Don Standish, MI
  13. Don McIntyre and Mark Locey will be there Friday at 6 or 7 pm representing the Michigan Carp Anglers Club. Any decent hotels in town that won't break the bank?
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