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  1. Can't wait for the new year and more carping

  2. Waiting for the weekend so I can fish some more

  3. Sorry Karl - I have had to edit the posts above as prices are not allowed per the forum rules.
  4. Great news Karl - good to see yet another supplier in the USA
  5. If you don't need the sensitivity then the are the Royal Carp Striker LSi's which are just as good. Currently sold out as they are such a bargain but more on the way.
  6. Rob - Specialist have the Supercast pips?
  7. Do they ship to CA, have a phone number etc.
  8. Actually since the WCC is now only 5 weeks away I can wait for it until then. Cheers Stewart
  9. Wil these be available for those not attending - if so I am interested in an XL?
  10. Textured surface is like a mix between mesh and solid making the bags stronger
  11. Chris - don't mix and match too much, it does not always work.
  12. Chris - you'll do fine with Alex
  13. Sorry Neil, I wasn't trying to put this off on you (didn't mean for it to sound that way). I was just wondering what your thoughts would be about doing this for possibly the next ATC or other future events. And to everyone else....anyone bringing any extra gear to the ATC? Though it is short notice, perhaps there will be a few things traded around or sold. Hey....maybe I can buy some gear off of the winners.....HAHAHAHAHA THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT IS HELPING TO SPONSOR THE ATC!! Paul - I will have a spare couple of Diawa Whisker Kevlar 12ft 2.75 TC rods with me that you can use for the event - did you have a pod, if not I can lend you one of those too (Amiaud Peche, no buzzers) PM me if you are interested.
  14. Blue would be the Curacao which worked great for me when the water temps got up to the high 60s.
  15. Scott - we all know you personally can catch carp on just about anything, just about anywhere (seriously folks Scott is a great carp catcher). From what I heard Paul was catching on Essential Opals last year (a yellow boilie) and Brian and Phone slayed 'em using the Royal Baits Scopex (also a yellow boilie), most of the fish Wendy and i caught during the event were on the Royal Baits Corn Micro Boilies (yellow), Dave & Al Mainline Pineapple (yellow) - Anyone see a theme here??????? Guess which baits I will be using this year - yep Royal Baits Scopex, Royal Baits Corn Micros and some home made yellow boilies (flavour to be revealled post event.
  16. Brian - why are your pineapples orange? And as Matt said why are you getting them from Wacker, you should have asked Alex to get Pineapples for you.
  17. Errrrrrr Guys - this is a public board, can you tone it down?
  18. Oh and that $1,000,000 is being paid as a $25,000 annuity so nobody will be rich directly after the event.
  19. Miguel - make me a list of what you need from Alex - send it to me by PM please.
  20. RJE - this question has been asked before and the answer is that we do not have unflavoured micro boilies available at this time. Both the peanut and corn boilies take flavours readily though so if you are looking for un-flavoured so you can add your own flavouring they are ideal.
  21. Todd or another moderator if Todd has gone fishing. I believe that removing all the crud from this (and other threads that end up like this) is the best way to go - feel free to remove any non-relevant posts from this thread. Of course I don't want to impinge on peoples freedom of speech so if you believe that cleaning up the thread does so then use your moderting discretion Regards Keith
  22. Karl - by now you should know that the personal attack rule does not to certain people , neither do the common principles of courtesy and apologising when you make erroneous statements.
  23. Paul - I think neither of us should be insulted.
  24. Are you all still arguing over this - give it a rest people.
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