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  1. Might not be a bad ideal to bring a few of those this weekend Andy? I would like to have another one myself.
  2. Hi Tom, When you get a chance,could you give me a call sir. Thanks Rick

  3. Hi Louis, cant remember if i sent you my address....? Here it is for the shirt.

    136S 4th Ave

    Beech Grove,In 46107

  4. Be nice to meet up, with you and Hodge, and the whole bunch of you Illy Boyz who been getting my $$$ for the past few yeras.
  5. Westside only has maybe a couple of jars left. At the Indy Invitational, they went pretty quick(week before).
  6. West side bait and tackle has some, here in Indy (10-15 bottles, 5-6 different flavors).
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