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  1. Soniq

    2019 CCC RESULTS

    My guilty conscience caused by the 10 lbs I put on my midriff over the Christmas holidays was chasing me lol... It's proved a bit more stubborn to shift this year! Glad you liked the photos bro... Yeah it was a great time despite the weather conditions and really well run by Chad and crew.
  2. Soniq

    2019 CCC RESULTS

    Proudly, I've been thinking recently that because this was the first time the Cup had ever been to the West Coast in it's esteemed 26 year traveling history, that a photo should be taken to signify the occasion. I went for a run around Lake Hollywood with the family over the weekend and couldn't think of a better backdrop than this to take a photo of the 'North American Championship' cup to mark it's location in 2019/20 Thought this would be the idea place to post it. Enjoy.... Hoping my schedule allows me to see you all later this year during the Indiana CCC Best wishes to you and your carping crews for an awesome 2020 on the bank, Wayne
  3. Soniq

    2019 CCC angler list

    Just signed up and I'm so very much looking forward to fishing the CCC again. It's been too many years since my last Chicago visit... Excited
  4. Hey Guys, I really enjoyed the video! Great job and congrats on the fish! Best wishes for the future, Wayne Boon
  5. I'm planning on fishing the ATC Thanks for the dates and for keeping it off a weekend, that's great! Best. Wayne
  6. Soniq

    2017 ATC dates?

    Has the 2017 ATC date been set yet guys? Trying to organize my calendar for the next 6 or 7 months, need to put my time off request in so colleagues can work around me. Thanks for any info Best, Wayne
  7. Awesome set of goals and very impressive on what you've accomplished Brian!! Congrats and good luck in the coming weeks!! Best, Wayne
  8. Thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing and fishing with you all. Not sure I can make the ATC at this stage but I will have a week or so in The Austin area in March/April sometime. Hope your fall season Rocks!! Best, Wayne
  9. Yeah bro, I got about another week to ink my dates. If not, I'll just spend a week or so on Emma in March sometime and fish.
  10. Bumping this to the top, sorry to be a bit pushy but my window for booking vacation time for my team is getting very narrow now. CAG and or Austin Carp Anglers Can someone forward this to Keith, Chad or Austin for me if applicable... Do you think we're talking: Feb 18th thru 20th 2016 Or Feb 25th thru 27th 2016 Or Is it being pushed back into March to lesson the likelyhood of the freeze/cold front thing nailing us during the tourny? Can email me direct at wayneboon@earthlink.net if easier.... Thanx, Wayne
  11. Working on a 6 month advanced vacation schedule sucks but have to ask about the dates here now to secure time to fish Austin in late Feb/Early March. Thanks for any help here Best, Wayne
  12. Team Soniq 2x brisket platters... 1 ham and 1 turkey sub both days please.... Thanks, sounds great!!! Best, Wayne
  13. Huge Congrats Bob!!! Wishing you and your board much foresight, wisdom and strength in all your decisions along with all the very best of luck for an extremely successful tenure!!!!! Oh, and a few spare moments to still be able to get out and fish yourself Warmest Regards, Wayne
  14. Where do I find the details of how the fishin worked out Bill? Hope it was a good one.
  15. For any one that's familiar, that first photo (3 rods on storm poles in sand with the lake in front of them) really reminds me of the infamous Jack Quist swim on the old Town Lake a few years back. Congrats again guys on a very cool session!!
  16. Phew!! Awesome fish guys, looking forward to reading all about your trip. Definitely on the "must visit" list is that place Best, Wayne
  17. Wish I lived a little closer too, would love to fish Hominy again There's a chance I might be a bit closer to the lake next month... Good Luck and safe travels to all fishing...
  18. Mine showed up today in Los Angeles. Awesome issue!!! Well done to all concerned. Best, Wayne
  19. Oh man! That's a gorgeous fish - huge congrats, well done Brendan!!! I want one of those this Winter for Christmas down here in SoCal - I'll wait through March if necessary
  20. Southern California now proudly represented!
  21. A fish that dreams are made of for sure!!! A huge congrats to all concerned!
  22. Sorry to hear about your potential PB loss bro! But I'm 110% with Jerome on this; regardless of whose hook you're tying, it sometimes happens to the best whether using your "tried and most trusted rig" or the "best and hippest new rig." Try not to let it screw with your head too much. Its a live and learn situation... Best, Wayne
  23. Hi Brian, always enjoy watching your vids bro! Best, Wayne
  24. Hi Ken, NIce! Hope you can find many more like that in the coming summer months bro! Good Luck... Congrats on some great looking fish!! I tried hard this morning too but skunked, it was one of those, "the guy next to me was catchin' what's wrong in my swim? Me?" Well done to you again! VBN stained fingers? Cheers, Wayne
  25. Lovely Mirror Andy! Looking forward to seeing how this one pans out in what is undoubtedly, one of the hottest Carp angling sectors in the country. Good luck to all that are fishing!!! Best, Wayne
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